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s a group, the class of 1992 will help write the 
history books of the future. We will travel 


that have not even been c 

may discover something as complex as a cure for 
AIDS while another may simply contribute to so- 
ciety by giving his time back to the community. 

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ur experiences in high school will influence 
the way we lead our lives. We have all been 
given the chance to learn about each other, 
to accept each other as individuals, and not to 
judge people by labels created by today's society. 
These opportunities should enable us to lead our 
lives with full confidence in what we believe. 

■ ■ 









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£{ESKHMliM ' w^B^Bflr 



^^^ — — 

s we move towards the uncertainty of the future, we 

will remember the times we have shared at Randolph 

High School. As Charles Dickens wrote, "It was the 

best of times; it was the worst of times." These times will 

forever be with us as we grow, separate, and create our 

own past. 












Ellen M. Keane, Headmaster 

June, 1992 
Dear Class of 1992: 

Congratulations to you and your families on your graduation from Randolph Junior/Senior High School. 
Graduation day is an important milestone in your life. It is a day filled with pride in your accomplishments 
and optimism for anticipated successes in the future. As graduates of Randolph Junior/Senior High School, 
you have been well prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. 

I wish you much personal happiness and success in your chosen professions. I hope that you will be life-long 
learners who will strive to help others and contribute to humankind. 

You have been an impressive class. We look forward to hearing about your future achievements. 

Ellen Keane 







Class Officers 

President, George Davis; Vice-President, Laura Campbell; Secretary, Melissa Fox; Treasurer, Andrea 

Robyn Perlin 

David Ricardo 



*C? KjS^ ' i^ 



Amel F. Ahmed 

5 Gloria Road; Birthdate: July 16, 
1974; Ambition: To destroy the root 
of all evil; Favorite Song: "How Am I 
Supposed To Live Without You"; 
Soccer 11, 12-Capt.; Drama Club 9, 
10, 11, 12-Manager; Political Ac- 
tions Club 11,1 2-President; Student 
Council 11, 12; National Honor So- 
ciety 10, 11, 12; Amy, How About A 
Ride to The Elks; Unblemished Rec- 
ord For Girl's Soccer Team; The 
Valiant Never Taste Of Death But 

Stacy A. Baker 

37 Perley Evans Drive; Birthdate: 
March 20, 1974; Ambition: To build 
my own home entirely out of Legos; 
Favorite Song: "Always and For- 
ever"; Softball 9, 10, 11, 12; Con- 
cert Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Cross Coun- 
try 9, 10, 11, 12; National Honor 
Society 10, 11, 12; Student Council 
11, 12; Brady Bunch Trivia, Kimmy 
Christensen; the Open Door Policy; 
#16; No Mr. Kane, x=6; Miss 
Harkins is #1; Providence College in 
the Rain; Caminos Peligrosos; The 
Best Lab Partner; Best Wishes to the 
Class of '92. 

Sumana Banerjee 

56 Stevens Terrace; Birthdate: Oc- 
tober 1, 1974; Ambition: To live life 
to the fullest; Favorite Song: "Wind 
Beneath My Wings"; Marching 
Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Jazz Band 10, 12; 
National Honor Society 11, 12; Soc- 
cer 10, 11; Homeroom Advisor 11, 
12; Emile Janza; Miss Harkin's 4th 
period class — 10th Grade; Mr. Ol- 
son's great film narrations. 

Michele Ann Barrows 
1 Liberty Place; Birthdate: June 7, 
1974; Ambition: To be successful in 
life; Favorite Song: "Don't Cry"; 
SADD 10; Business Club 9, 10, 11; 
Community Service 12; The Junior 
Prom; Being in the Daycare; My 
Closet Friends. 

Kedist Ayalew 

790 North Street; Birthdate: Decem- 
ber 12, 1974; Favorite Song: 
"Unforgettable"; French Club; In- 
dependent Science Study; Mrs. 
Kehelas' E.S.L. Class. 

Kirk A. Baldwin 
1 Clark Circle 

Raquel Barbosa 

6 Fitzgerald Street; Birthdate: June 
29, 1974; Ambition: To be a success- 
ful lawyer; Favorite Song: 
"Emotions"; Students Against Rac- 
ism 12; My Friends; Kevin's 
"Homeroom Dude" Mr. Bumpus' 
5th period Chemistry class. 

Daniel J. Bash 

53 Union Street; Birthdate: January 
22, 1974; Ambition: To have a lot of 
money and children; Favorite Song: 
"Kiss Off'; Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 
12; Student Council 9; Homeroom 
Advisor 12; Homeroom Represen- 
tative 10, 11; Individual Advisor 12; 
12th Grade Biology Class; "The 
Rock Lobster Dance"; My two best 
friends Joe Roberts and Jeff 

Jeffrey Mark Beck 
23 Quarry Road; Birthdate: June 7, 
1974; Ambition: To become the 
world's best sportscaster; Favorite 
Song: "For Whom the Bell Tolls"; 
Soccer 9, 10; Basketball 9; Winter 
Track 10; Oracle Staff 12; Getting 
arrested at the Whitman-Hanson 
football game; The 24-hour club; 
Freshman basketball team having 
doughnut fights on the bus. 

Erica Joy Bial 

21 Hemlock Terrace; Birthdate: 
March 26, 1975; Ambition: To cut 
people up — to be a surgeon; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Baby, Can I Hold You"; 
Amnesty International; 10, 11, 12- 
President; Drama Club 9, 10, 1 1, 12; 
Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12; Chil- 
dren's Hospital Fund 9, 10, 11- 
Chairman; Political Action Club 10, 
11, 12-Vice President; Harvard 
Model Congress 11, 12-Supreme 
Court; Leaving RHS a year before 
my time; the only one to get ISS, and 
successfully put it off until it was 

Jon Michael Blumenthal 
51 Glenway Avenue; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 16, 1974; Ambition: To be 
successful at my job; Favorite Song: 
"Wind of Change"; Basketball 9; 
Baseball 11. 

Jodi Beth Bornstein 
15 Delorenzo Drive; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 11, 1974; Ambition: To make 
money; Favorite Song: "Fly to the 
Angels"; Newspaper Club 9, 10, 11, 
12-Editor-in-Chief; Yearbook Staff 
12; Drama Club 12; Community 
Service 12; Homeroom Representa- 
tive 12; The Prom; Emily, Melissa, 
Jill, Kathy, Jenn — Thanks for the 
memories, I Love You! 

Michael John Bettuchi 
19 Scannell Road; Birthdate: July 24, 
1974; Ambition: To achieve more in 
my life than anyone has ever 
achieved in their's; Favorite Song: 
"Dreams"; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12- 
Captain; Student Council 11, 12; 
National Honor Society 11, 12; Tu- 
tor 1 1; Lamkin's fumble recovery in 
the Thanksgiving Day football game 
'91; The 24-hour Club. 

Michael James Bita 
20 McAuliffe Road; Birthdate: No- 
vember 16, 1974; Ambition: To be 
successful in whatever field I choose 
to enter; Favorite Song: "Dream 
On"; SADD 9; Soccer 10, 11, 12; 
Homeroom Advisor 12; Football 
team senior year; To be part of the 
successful RHS soccer team; Mr. Ol- 
sen's unreadable notes. 

Andrea Leigh Bornstein 
59 Boylston Street; Birthdate: De- 
cember 9, 1973; Ambition: To own 
my own advertising agency; Favorite 
Song: "Crazy Love"; Class Treasurer 
9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 
11, 12; Cross-Country Track 9; 
Winter Track 9; Powder Puff; 
OOOOO-Oh so awesome!; All the 
picnics in study; All the proms, 
semis, and parties. 

Tina Bower 

24 Bridle Path Circle 


Stefanie Jayne Boyce 
28 Mark Terrace; Birthdate: July 21, 
1974; Favorite Song: "I Remember 
You"; Track 9; Student Council 10; 
Football Cheerleader 9, 10; Varsity 
Basketball Cheerleader 10; Home- 
room Representative 12; Dunkin 
Donuts before school; Tricia, Erika, 
Marci, Diane, Sacha, Andrea, 
"Good Friends"; "Wish you were 
here — Rebecca, '90." 

Lori Anne Brown 

42 Mount Pleasant Square; 
Birthdate: October 12, 1974; Ambi- 
tion: Not to flunk out of college; 
Favorite Song: "More Than Words"; 
Mr. King's Chemistry class; RHS 
Football games; February of my 
sophomore year. 

Michelle Lee Carmichael 
2 Padlock Circle, Canton; Birthdate: 
October 11,1 974; Ambition: To live 
a long and happy life; Favorite Song: 
"If We Hold On Together"; Color 
Guard 10, 11, 12-Capt.; Marching 
Band 9; School Store 9; Friends and 

Anna Chin 

12 Old Farm Road; Birthdate: De- 
cember 28, 1973; Ambition: To live a 
fulfilling life with the one I'll always 
love; Favorite Song: "I'll Be Your 
Everything"; Tutoring 11, 12; Com- 
munity Service 11, 12; Cheerleading 
9; French Club 9, 10, 11; All the 
friends I've made; Explosives during 
Chemistry labs; Round rice crispy 

Mark D. Bronski 

41 Tiffany Drive; Birthdate: June 10, 
1974; Ambition: To stay young for- 
ever; Favorite Song: "Photograph"; 
Soccer 10; Baseball 9, 10, 12; Bas- 
ketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Mr. 
Valencourt's class freshman year; 
Halloween 1990. 

Laura Katherine Campbell 
13 Curran Terrace; Birthdate: Jan- 
uary 29, 1974; Ambition: To make 
my dreams into reality; Favorite 
Song: "The Rose"; Vice-President of 
Class 10, 11, 12; Student Council 9, 

10, 11, 12; Publicity Coordinator 
SEMASC 11, 12; Cheerleader 10, 

11, 12-Capt.; Homeroom Advisor 
11, 12; 12/30/88; MASC, The Os- 
trick; Summers in Hull, Don Hen- 
ley, New Hampshire; To all my 
friends and family; Thank you — I 
Love You. 

Liza Challenger 

590 North Street; Birthdate: January 

20, 1974. 

Tina T. Chin 

9 Kathleen Road; Birthdate: June 20, 
1974; Ambition: To live life the way I 
want; Favorite Song: "Everything I 
Do, I Do For You"; School Store 9, 
10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 11, 
12; International Club 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Community Service 10, 11, 12; Na- 
tional Honor Society 10, 11, 12; 
Lunchtime with my friends; Annual 
French Club trip to Fanueil Hall; 
Doing Physics lab. 



Ishmael E. Christmas 
5 Garren Terrace; Birthdate: June 3, 
1973; Favorite Song: "Rock Witch 
Ya"; Ambition: To seek the knowl- 
edge from others; Track 9, 10, 11, 
12; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Spring 
Track 9. 

Shawn Dennis Clapp 
39 Ward Street; Birthdate: October 
23, 1974; Ambition: To run a brew- 
ery with Steven; Favorite Song: 
"Wish You Were Here"; Football 9, 
10, 11, 12; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Track 9. 

Amy Beth Cole 

39 Bittersweet Lane; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 13, 1974; Ambition: To make 
all my dreams come true; Favorite 
Song: "Vision of Love"; National 
Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Show 
Choir 9, 10, 11, 12; Drama Club 9, 
10, 11, 12; Community Service 9, 
10, 11; Student Council 11, 12; 
Studs in the Thanksgiving Day rally; 
Winter semi-formal 1991; Friends 
for a lifetime. 

Joel Anthony Connor 
24 Petipas Lane; Birthdate: June 13, 
1974; Ambition: To have a happy and 
successful life; Favorite Song: 
'Imagine"; National Honor Society 
10, 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11, 
12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 
10, 11, 12; Cross Country 10, 11, 
12; My first day of school at Ran- 
dolph High; Winning the League 
Championship in basketball; My 
boys; I'd like to thank my parents 
and friends for making my years at 
RHS memorable. 

Lori A. Christopher 
285 Chestnut West; Birthdate: April 
19, 1973; Ambition: To be happy at 
whatever life brings me; Favorite 
Song: "Hotel California"; Business 
Club 11, 12; Public Relations 12; 
Missy — "Look, revenge of the 
nerds"; Lizzy — "Never forget July 

Steven Jeffrey Cohen 
1 00 Fernandes Circle; Birthdate: Oc- 
tober 13,1 974; Ambition: To be rich; 
National Honor Society 11, 12; 
Newspaper Club 10, 11, 12- 
Technical Editor; Computer Club 9, 
10, 11, 12-Vice-President 11, 12. 

Diane Maria Condlin 
7 1 Rockefeller Street; Birthdate: De- 
cember 12, 1974; Ambition: To be- 
come a successful Dental hygienist 
and to lose twenty pounds; Favorite 
Song: "You've Got A Friend"; 
SADD 9, 10, 11, 12-Treasurer 11, 
12; Peer Leadership 11, 12; Cheer- 
leading 9, 10, 11; Business Club 12; 
Powder Puff 11, 12; Rebecca 
Shrager, Kevin Schneider — I'll al- 
ways love you!; All the good rallies 
and hockey games; To all my won- 
derful friends — I LOVE YOU 

Philip M. Courier 

37 Fitch Terrace; Birthdate: June 22, 
1974; Ambition: There was one?; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Hey Hey, What Can I 
Do?"; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Base- 
ball 9; Winter and Spring Track 9, 
10, 11, 12; Art Club 10; Boring va- 
cations with Mike and Kevin; Sun- 
bird, Rest in Peace. 


Y, / 


Mc Arthur P. Daley 
79 Bridle Path Circle; Birtkdate: July 
30, 1974; Ambition: To be a wres- 
tling superstar; Football 10, 11, 12; 
Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; 1990-91 
Wrestling State Champ. 

George Taylor Davis 
262 Liberty Street; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 21, 1974; Ambition: To get a 
good job and live long; Favorite Song: 
"You Gots To Chill"; Basketball 9, 
10, 1 1, 12-capt.; Spring Track 9, 10, 
11; Cross Country 10, 11, 12; Stu- 
dent Council 12; Task Force 12; 
Class President 12; Winning 1990- 
91 ACL Championship; All my 
friends at RHS. 

Anthony William DeCouto 
61 Oak Street; Birthdate: May 15, 
1 974; Ambition: To be successful; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Rocky"; theme song; 
Football 9, 10, 11, 12-Capt.; Wres- 
tling 10, 11, 12-capt.; Track 9; Peer 
Leadership 11, 12; Student Council 
11; 1990-91 Wrestling Team 
crowned State Champs. 

Carlos H. Delfin 

89 Chestnut Street; Birthdate: April 
16, 1973; Ambition: To go to college 
and become successful; Favorite 
Song: "Can't Trust It"; Football 9, 
10; Art Club 10; Mr. Nelson and his 
singing; Mr. Sarney and his cart- 

Jennifer Darcy 

27 Vine Street; Birthdate: March 21, 
1974; Ambition: To play Janet in the 
Rocky Horror Picture Show and to 
be it, not dream it; Favorite Song: "I 
Still Believe"; Student Council 9, 
10, 11, 12; Great Boston Student 
Advisory Council 11, 12; State Stu- 
dent Advisory Council 12; Cheer- 
leading 9, 10, 11, 12-capt.; Powder 
Puff 11, 12; Jr. Prom '91 — "I 
Touch Myself; Laura + Loretta — 
'carpe diem'; Homecoming week- 
end 1991. 

Sherri A. Debrave 
73 Truman Drive; Birthdate: Feb- 
ruary 14, 1974; Ambition: To run 
daycare centers, to be successful and 
always happy; Favorite Song: 
"Through The Years"; Track 9, 10; 
Drama 9; SADD 9, 10, 11; Support- 
a-Friend 11-Vice President; Jr. 
Prom and Winter semi-formal '91; 
Football games with Eric, Hope, 
Robyn, and Maribella; thanks to all 
my friends for making the memories 
at RHS special. 

Lillian Mauereen Dejesus 
53 Maverick Street, Chelsea; 
Birthdate: December 8, 1971; Am- 
bition: To be in food service; Soccer 
10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Talking in the hallway and at lunch 
with my friends; Champs '91. 

Nancy Marie deMacedo 
5 Huckleberry Lane; Birtkdate: 
March 1, 1974; Ambition: To live 
long and prosper — money wise; 
Favorite Song: "Independent"; Soft- 
ball 9, 11, 12; Basketball 12; Soccer 
9, 10; Powder Puff 11, 12; Home- 
room Representative; birthday beat- 
downs; Fractured tailbone. 



William Michael Donahue 
85 Old Street; Birthdate: September 
26, 1974; Ambition: To be successful 
and make more money than my 
friends; Favorite Song: "Killer of Gi- 
ants"; Football 11, 12; Baseball 11, 
12; Track 11, 12; Gibbs; I smell 
hand; Football Senior Year 9-2. 

Chris J. Doran 

28A Liberty Street; Birthdate: April 

3, 1974; Ambition: To reach high 

goals; Favorite Song: "Forever My 


Tynika A. Dunn 

17 Lori Lane; Birthdate: December 
12, 1974; Ambition: To be the best I 
can be in everything I do; Favorite 
Song: "You Can't Have Your Cake 
and Eat It Too"; chorus, Track; All 
my friends that I'm going to leave 
behind; Leaving the real good ral- 
lies; Senior Freak Week. 

Amy Jeanne Dziergowski 
34 Tiffany Drive; Birthdate: Febru- 
ary 26, 1974; Ambition: To have all 
my dreams come true; Favorite Song: 
"Through The Years"; Swim Team 
9, 10, 11, 12-Capt.; Softball 9, 10, 
11, 12; Student Council 10, 11, 12; 
National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; 
Oracle Staff 12; The Arrow Dance; 
24 Hour Club; She's A Small Won- 
der; Look, there's Case and Frick; 
Dum Dum lollipops. 

Scott Paul Donovan 
1 Hammond Street; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 14, 1974; Ambition: To be a 
member of a rock group; Favorite 
Song: "Along The Water"; Model 
Rocketry Club 10, 1 1, 12; I liked the 
teachers; I made a lot of good 

Melissa Jeanne Duffy 
10 Connolly Street; Birthdate: May 
13, 1974; Ambition: To have an ex- 
iting and happy life; Favorite Song: 
"The Song Remains The Same"; 
SADD 10,11, 12; Business Club 11, 
1 2-Secretary; Public Relations 12; 
Senior Year; Freak Week; Ethel; 
Cancun; Taco Bell; New Hamp- 
shire; Jill's million dollar questions 
at lunch; Ya Tammy Ya; Great 
Chucky; Extreme; Colleges; Laura, 
Tammy, Jill, Heidi, Lori, I Love 
You Guys. 

Jennifer Jean Durand 
20 Ledgewood Drive, Canton; 
Birthdate: July 9, 1974; Ambition: Go 
to college, have a family and won- 
derful marriage, be successful; Bas- 
ketball 9, 10; Soccer 9; Student 
Council 12; Oracle Staff 12; Basket- 
ball Tournaments; My friends and I 
always hanging out. 

Jill Elizabeth Emerson 
94 Oak Street; Birthdate: October 
18, 1974; Ambition: To make the 
world better and have fun doing it; 
Favorite Song: "Winds of Change"; 
Peer Tutors 10, 11, 12; Newspaper 

10, 11, 12-Assoc. Editor; Honor So- 
ciety 10, 11, 12; French Club 9, 10, 

11, 12; English Teachers; The bi- 
annual newspaper; 7th period fire 



Sean Patrick Fay 

3 Pauline Street; Birthdate: October 
4, 1973; Ajra&itiow. - Man learns to fly 
without wings; Favorite Song: "Don't 
Cry"; Football; Lifting; Passing pe- 
riod; Lunch; dances. 

Jill Ann Fineman 

13 Michelle Lane; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 2 1 , 1974; Ambition: To some 
day de-valley girl my voice; Favorite 
Song: "Walk Through Fire"; SADD 
10, 11, 12; Business Club 11, 12; 
Public Relations 12; Does my hair 
look O.K.? Tammy, will you drive 
me . . .; Hey Missy, nice going 
chucky (great); Peanut Butter and 
Fluff deals; Taco Bell; N.H. 91; 
That awesome song by Extreme. 

Amilcar D. Fonseca 
15 Lori Lane; Birthdate: June 18, 
1974; Ambition: To be happy, live 
long, and prosper; Favorite Song: 
"Troop, Spread My Wings"; Track 
9, 10, 11, 12; Cross Country 10, 11, 
12; My turn 12; Students for Racial 
Harmony 1 2; My true, blue friends; 
Andrea's drop kick. 

Melissa Robyn Fox 
43 Anderson Drive; Birthdate: July 
25, 1974; Ambition: To turn my 
dreams into reality; Favorite Song: 
"The Best of Times"; Class Secre- 
tary 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council 
9, 10, 11, 12; National Honor So- 
ciety 10, 11, 12; Oracle 12-Co- 
Editor-in-Chief; Homeroom Advi- 
sor 11, 12; Steve — "Everything I 
Do, I DO It For You" — ILY. A+F; 
7-3-90; Nantasket; Mugshot '89; 
Doorbell; Best place?; Guys — Don't 
do that!; To my family and friends 
— Thanks for the memories! — 

Tremain Kenneth Fernandes 
7 Old Farm Road; Birthdate: April 4, 
1974; Ambition: To be rich and 
weigh more than 120 lbs.; Favorite 
Song: "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye 
to Yesterday"; Business Club 10, 1 1, 
12; Soccer 9, 12; Track 10; Painting 
D.E.V.I.L.S. on our chests; Playing 
hearts; Yuri — "Tre, I need food, I 
need food badly"; All of my friends 
— Keep in touch. 

Dina M. Fiore 

1 Alfred Terrace; Birthdate: Octo- 
ber 16, 1974; Ambition: To one day 
get into the Bruin's locker room; 
Favorite Song: "Seeing Things"; 
Track 9; Softball 11, 12; Laurie, 
Ann, Peanut M&M's, Mike, Jay, 
Rob, Jenn (Winchester), Pick up 
your gadgets and get out!; I have an 
ulcer, Lisa; Watching Bruins game 
at Junior Prom. 

Scott B. Fortes 

46 Birchwood Road; Birthdate: Feb- 
ruary 15, 1974; Ambition: To be a 
successful business person; Favorite 
Song: "One Night Lover"; Basket- 
ball 9, 10, 11, 12;; Spring Track 9, 
10, 12; Cross Country 11. 

Richard M. Fruzzetti 
243 Highland Avenue; Birthdate: 
January 9, 1974; Ambition: To be on 
the cover of Forbes; Favorite Song: 
"Star Spangled Banner"; Football 9, 

10, 11, 12-Captain; Basketball 9, 10, 

11, 12-Captain; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 
12-Captain; Class President 10, 11; 
National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; 
Ordering pizza to Chemistry class; 
Relaxing New Year's Eves. 


' ■ '. 


Jeremy Michael Fucile 
76 Lafayette Street; Birthdate: Oc- 
tober 21, 1974; Ambition: To be the 
best I can and succeed; Favorite Song: 
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond"; 
Track 9, 10; Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 
12; Business Club 10, 11, 12; Com- 
munity Service 10, 11, 12; Ninth 
grade science; Chocolate chip cook- 
ies from the cafe. 

Susan Galvao 

72 L'Heureux Circle; Birthdate: July 
1 1, 1974; Ambition: To do the best in 
whatever I choose to do; Favorite 
Song: "When I'm With You"; My 
Turn 10, 11, 12. 

Melanie Hope Ganem 
23 Ralph Stubbs Road; Birthdate: 
February 3, 1974; Ambition: To rec- 
ord an album for Motley Crue; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Home Sweet Home"; 
French Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Drama 
Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 
10, 11, 12; French Club's trip to 
France; Constant fire drills; Drama 
States Competition 1991 at Bel- 

Michael Allen Gass 
1 Glover Brook Road; Birthdate: 
September 14, 1974; Ambition: To 
Have Money; Favorite Song: 
"Ramble On"; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 
12; Basketball 9; Academic Bowl 10, 
11, 12; Tutor 11, 12; 7-10 Club; 
boring summers doing nothing with 
Phil and Kevin; Running in 90 de- 
gree weather after losing 36-0 to 

Maribella Gafanhao 
22 Michael Road; Birthdate: October 
29, 1974; Ambition: To become a 
retail manager and travel the world; 
Favorite Song: "Don't You Forget 
About Me"; SADD 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Period 7 fire drills; Mr. Gallagher's 
period 7 English class. 

Adam R. Gamer 

8 McDonnell drive; Birthdate: De- 
cember 9, 1974. 

Daniel Mark Garber 
6 Reservoir Drive; Birthdate: No- 
vember 8, 1974; Ambition: To see 
how the world works; Favorite Song: 
"Dreams"; SADD 9; Community 
Service 10; Business Club 10, 11, 12; 
Student's Alliance Against Racism 
9, 10, 11; Hearts; 24-hour Club; 
Cookie Kweem. 

Chad J. Gerstel 

22 Vine Street; Birthdate: February 
16, 1974; Ambition: To go to college; 
Favorite Song: "Comfortably 
Numb"; Football 9, 1 0; Jeff Farmer; 
The B's. 

^^MHH . 


Shawn Ghose 

23 Old Street; Birthdate: June 25, 
1974; Ambition: To be financially se- 
cure by age 35; Favorite Song: 
"Limelight"; Tennis 10, 11, 12; 
The Aaron Daily; 12-10-91; Seven- 
Ten Club. 

Steven Edward Goldman 
14 Oakwood Avenue; Birthdate: Au- 
gust 21, 1 974; Ambition: To be in the 
movie Die Hard III: Favorite Song: 
"All I Need"; Baseball 9, 10, 12; 
Tennis 11; Band 9, 10, 11, 12- 
President; Chorus 10, 11, 12; Dra- 
ma 10, 12; The Seven-Ten Club; 
Dancing to the Boogaloo in a march- 
ing band uniform; Doing the wave 
in Mr. Giuggio's seventh period 
English class. 

Mattie P. Grant 

37 Fowler Street; Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 20, 1973; Ambition: To live my 
life to the fullest and have fun doing 
it; Favorite Song: "How Do I Say 
Goodbye to Yesterday"; Indoor 
Track 9, 10, 11, 12-Captain; Out- 
door Track 9, 1 1, 12; Chorus 9, 10, 
11, 12-Assistant Manager; Student's 
Alliance Against Racism 12; My 
turn 1 2; When the girls made a slam 
book, and the boys stole it. 

Jodi Lynne Griffin 
1 2 Acorn Drive; Birthdate: February 
7, 1974; Ambition: To become a 
physical therapist; Favorite Song: 
"The Rose"; Cross Country Track 
9, 10; Oracle Staff 12; Homeroom 
Representative 12; the day the fire 
alarm was pulled 7 times; Gradu- 
ation; Proms. 

Stephen Elliot Gladstone 
15 Eagle Rock Road; Birthdate: De- 
cember 22, 1974; Ambition: To be- 
come a regular on the Miller Lite 
Pro Beach Volleyball Tour; Favorite 
Song: "Shooting Star"; Basketball 9, 
10, 11, 12; Soccer 10, 11, 12-capt.; 
National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; 
Community Service 11, 12; Oracle 
Staff 12-co-editor-in-chief; Bath- 
room Talk; Doorbell; Nantasket; To 
my family and friends — thanks for 
the memories; Melissa — I love you 
— A + F! 

Jodi Beth Gosule 

12 Drinkwater Avenue; Birthdate: 
February 21, 1974; Ambition: To 
help people with whatever I do and 
to live a happy life; Favorite Song: 
"The Rose"; Community Service 9, 
10; Oracle Staff 12; Homeroom Rep- 
resentative 9, 10, 12; SADD 9, 10; 
Powder Puff 11; What time is it? 
And, whom are you talking about?; 
Do you think she's pretty?! 

Debra Ann Grayden 
17 Velma Road; Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 5, 1974; Ambition: To ride 
Shamu at Sea World; Favorite Song: 
"Come Sail Away"; Softball 9, 10; 
Community Service 12; Oracle Staff 
12; Honor Roll 11, 12; Mary and 
Chuckie, a.k.a. Bunny, Grundig, 
Markie, Mark; Sleep tight, dream 
about me, watch out for the mon- 
sters ... I Love You more than any- 
thing in the universe. I miss you. 

Mark A. Grundig 

47 Stevens Terrace; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 7, 1974; Ambition: To own 
lots of cats; Favorite Song: "Head 
Like A Hole"; Baseball 9, 10, 11, 
12;; Football 11; Indoor Track 11, 
12; Oracle 12; Halloween with Deb, 
Tom, Marsha, Al, and Nicole; Tom 
the Tuna. 

■ \. 

1*1 *«■' \> 



Jean Reginald Guillaume 
348 South Street Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 10, 1972; Amnion: To become a 
computer engineer. 

Vincent M. Hayward 

48 Emily Jeffers Road; Birthdate: 

August 12, 1974. 

Mark G. Healey 

54 Stacy Street; Birthdate: May 22, 
1974; Ambition: To go over Niagara 
Falls in a barrel; Favorite Song: 
"Third Wind"; Cross Country 
Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 
12; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12; 
National Honor Society 10, 11, 12; 
Band 9, 10, 12; Tutor 11, 12; Kin- 
neys in N.Y. — Franklin Park; The 
Ground Round Jr. Year; Winter 
track league champs; Mardi Gras 

Sidarith Bochan Hing 

27 Hall Street; Birthdate: July 10, 

1972; International Club 11, 12. 

Gabriel Harrison 
181 Chestnut Street 

John Christopher Healey 
54 Stacy Street; Birthdate: May 22, 
1974; Ambition: To run the Boston 
Marathon (only once); Favorite Song: 
"With Imagination (I'll Make It)"; 
Cross-Country 9, 10, 11, 12- 
Captain; Student Council 9, 10, 11, 
12-Secretary; Winter /Spring Track 
9, 10, 11, 12; Student School Com- 
mittee 9, 10, 11, 12; National Honor 
Society 10, 11, 12; 14:43 — 9 min- 
utes off; New York — all but 18 
minutes of it; Jeep. 

Kenneth W. Hickman 
401 West Street; Birthdate: May 7, 
1974; Ambition: To be happy, 
healthy, wealthy and wise; Favorite 
Song: "Can't Trust It"; Basketball 9, 
10, 11, 12-Captain; Track 9, 10, 11, 
12-Captain; Winning a basketball 
league championship; Marci in 

Donna C. Huddleston 
8 Tangen Street; Birthdate: April 3, 
1974; Ambition: To be happy and 
successful; Favorite Song: "How Can 
I Say Goodbye to Yesterday"; 
French Club 9; Honor Roll 9; San- 
ta's Dream '89 and '90; Football 
games with Nicole (pickle); Studies 
with Hope, Heather, and Lori. 

.■■^^^■H^^H^^HI _ 


Melissa Tracy Hunt 
380 North Street; Birthdate: June 1, 
1974; Ambition: To travel and be- 
come a doctor; Favorite Song: 
"Diamonds and Pearls"; Nadine 
Kerr, Natasha Kerr, and Maribella 

Kris Jacobson 

2 Martindale Road; Birthdate: Au- 
gust 8, 1973. 




Maltina JnBaptiste 

7 Pond Lane; Birthdate: May 27, 

1974; Ambition: To graduate high 

school, and enter a university as 

soon as possible; Favorite Song: 


Hope Alysse Kaplan 
197 Oak Street; Birthdate: March 16, 
1974; Ambition: To live a happy life 
and be successful in whatever career 
I pursue; Favorite Song: "That's 
What Friends Are For"; Honor Roll 
9, 12; Track 9; French Club9; Dra- 
ma Club 9; Homeroom 11th, 12th; 
Film Studies with Sherri. 

Melissa Jacobs 

48A Fitch Terrace; Birthdate: De- 
cember 19, 1974; Ambition: To be 
the one woman to come between the 
Four Fun Boys; Favorite Song: 
"Dream On"; Oracle 12; Softball 9, 
10, 11, 12; Amnesty International 
11; Why did Harlan ask me to 
dance, Oscar?; The little, Peter, 
Dumpy, Miguel, and all of our 
friends on Sunday nights. 

Stephanie Denise James 
15 Feener Circle; Birthdate: March 
12, 1974; Ambition: To own my own 
business; Favorite Song: "Jodeci 
Tape Side 1"; Afro- American Club 
9, 10; Oracle 12; My Turn 12; Char- 
lita keep dancin, Tiara stay small, 
Cynthia keep the weave up, Mishme 
stay wise, Manuela and Liza stay best 
friends, Tynika: a.k.a. Jelly Girl!, 
Breakfast with John and Sean on 
Mondays, Takeisha stay sweet. 

Patricia Anne Kaiser 
52 Truman Drive; Birthdate: March 
30, 1974; Ambition: To be a fashion 
designer, and have Sacha Stone glue 
rhine"stones" on my designs; Favor- 
ite Song: "I Remember You"; Winter 
Track 9; SADD 1 1 ; Powder Puff 1 2; 
Miss you Rebecca best friends for- 
ever; to my closest friends, Thanks 
for all the great memories; Senior 
year football and hockey parties, 
Cancun, proms, graduation, the fu- 

Sean P. Kenney 

1 Barry Circle; Birthdate: April 24, 
1974; Ambition: To be a successful 
engineer; Favorite Song: "Down 
With O.P.P."; Hockey 11, 12; Soc- 
cer 12; Golf 11, 12; Hockey season; 

■ v m 


KristyJ. Keohane 

10 Overlook Road; Ambition: To be 
a successful cosmetologist; Favorite 
Song: "One Night Love Affair"; 
Powder Puff 11, 12; SADD 11; 
Homeroom Representative 10, 11, 
12; Proms; Freak Week, Homecom- 
ing, Rallys; Senior Year, Gradua- 
tion, Friends Forever. 

Joanne Kathrine Kilar 
6 Cormey Circle; Birthdate: May 24, 
1974; Ambition: To become a nurse; 
Favorite Song: "Don't Let The Sun 
Go Down On Me." 

Christopher Anthony LaFratta 
10 L'Heureux Circle; Birthdate: Au- 
gust 15, 1974; Ambition: To have my 
writings change people's perspec- 
tives and open their minds; Favorite 
Song: "Darling Nikki"; Indoor 
Track 9, 10; Student Task Force 
Against Racism 12; Battle of the 
Bands 9-18-90; Junior Prom; A "B" 
from Mr. Allen for two years. 

Tiffany Christine Lee 
113 Pacella Park Drive; Birthdate: 
August 7, 197 4; Ambition: To use my 
knowledge to help others; Favorite 
Song: "Glory of Love"; Softball 9, 
10, 11, 12; School Store 9, 10, 11, 
12; Math Team 11, 12; Academic 
Bowl 11, 12; National Honor So- 
ciety 10, 11, 12; Softball Atlantic 
Coast League Champs 1991; 
Strengthen friendships that will last 
forever; Slaving at the school store 
for 4 years. 

Nadine Maria Kerr 
6 Rae Circle; Birthdate: January 1 1 , 
1973; Ambition: To become a den- 
tist; Favorite Song: "Tell Me What 
You Want Me To Do"; Afro- 
American Club 11, 12; Teen Forum 
11, 12; Good friends — Aleida 
Miranda, Sara Rumar, Janet Baggs, 
Melissa Hunt; Mr. Mavor; Rallys. 

Alan Kin 

18 Abbey Street; Birthdate: October 
9, 1973; Ambition: To be a success 
and have a happy life; French Club 
9, 10, 1 1 -Secretary, 12; Honor Roll 
9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11; In- 
dividual Advisor 1 1 ; Computer Club 
10; Freshman Freak Week; Being a 
senior at Randolph High; Having 
Miss Ward, whose class I have 
learned the most from. 

Andrew Marc Lamkin 
19 McDevitt Road; Birthdate: March 
26, 1974; Ambition: To own Man- 
hattan and a Jaguar; Favorite Song: 
"Running With The Devil"; Foot- 
ball 9, 11, 12; Track 10, 11, 12; 
Homeroom Representative 10, 11; 
Individual Advisor 11; Hockey 
Broadcaster 11, 12; Victory over 
Hingham; Freshman basketball do- 
nut fights; Tiggy and the boys run- 
ning with the Devils. 

Heather Lauren Lemoine 
252 High Street; Birthdate: July 20, 
1974; Ambition: To be happy; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Piano Man"; Softball 
10, 11, 12; Powder Puff 11; Home- 
room Representative 10, 12; SADD 
9, 10; Oracle 12; Mr. A. King's 5th 
period science class; Wining the 
ACL championship in softball. 


Melanie Marie Letzring 
30 Lantern Lane; Birthdate: May 24, 
1974; Ambition: To love the game 
beyond its prize; Favorite Song: 
"With or Without You"; Student 
Council 9, 1 0-Secretary, 11-Vice- 
President, 1 2-President; Softball 9, 

10, 11, 12-Captain; Soccer 11, 12- 
Captain; National Honor Society 10, 

11, 12; Oracle Staff 12; #7, Don 
Henley, New Hampshire, Fish Guy, 
The Ostrich, 24-hour club, The 
Kleb Chorus; To the Gang; Here's 
to many more laughs and memories. 

Tamara Rose Levy 
8 Imrie Street; Birthdate: September 
7, 1974; Ambition: To be successful 
at whatever I do; Favorite Song: 
"Don't Stop Believin' "; SADD 9, 
10, 11, 12; Business Club 11, 12; 
Public Relations 12; NH "91"; Jill, 
do you want to go to Taco Bell?; 
Freak Week; Missy, don't crash up 
your car again!; Art class — Not; 
Cancun; Graduation; I love you 
mom and dad. 

Adria Benadette MacDonald 
224 South Main Street; Birthdate: 
March 24, 1975; Ambition: To serve 
my country as a naval officer and 
pilot, and be the best person that I 
can be; Track 10, 11, 12; SADD 10, 
12; Drama Club 11, 12; Chorus 10, 
12; Band 9, 10; Getting my first let- 
ter in track; Working with Michele 
Siegal and SADD on Substance 
Abuse Awareness Day; Cast party 
after the "Valiant" production in 
my junior year. 

Michael Julius Mateo 
30 Vine Street; Birthdate: November 
17, 1973; Ambition: To be #1 in John 
Madden's Football; Favorite Song: 
"It's So Hard to Say Goodbye To 
Yesterday"; Football 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12; Spring 
Track 10, 11, 12; Honor Society 10, 
11, 12; Homeroom Advisor 11, 12; 
My first Varsity touchdown; Fresh- 
man Basketball donut fight; Andrew 
Lamkin's fumble recovery. 

Howard Yin Leung 

Ambition: To be successful at any- 

thing I do; Favorite Song: 

"Unforgettable"; Learned to play 


Andrew Scott Loomis 
15 Birch Drive; Birthdate: March 21, 
1974; Ambition: To graduate from 
Harvard Law; Favorite Song: "Bat 
Out of Hell"; Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12- 
Captain; Computer Club 10, 11, 12- 
President; School Newspaper 10, 
11,1 2-Technical Editor; Basketball 
9; SADD 9; Freshman basketball 
doughnut fights; The Aaron Daily; 
Lamkin's fumble recovery. 

Elaine Marks 

63 Althea Road; Birthdate: June 9, 
1974; Ambition: To be happy and 
successful; Favorite Song: 
"Emotions"; French Club 9, 10, 11, 
12-Pres.; Honor Society 11, 12; Am- 
nesty 11, 12; Homeroom Advisor 
11, 12; Spring Track 10. 

Kenneth James Matson 

80 Pond Lane; Birthdate: January 1, 

1973; Ambition: Be successful in 

whatever I try; Favorite Song: "The 

Right Stuff; Office Clerical 11,12; 

Teachers and students; My teacher's 



Marie Alerte Maurice 
95 Bridle Path Circle #909; 
Birthdate: January 13, 1973; Ambi- 
tion: To finish high school and col- 
lege; Favorite Song: "From a Dis- 

Tara McBratney 

1 09 South Street; Birthdate: January 
21, 1974; Ambition: To be happily 
married, have a successful career, 
and live a stress-free life; Favorite 
Song: "Wonderful Tonight"; Cross 
Country 9, 10; Winter Track 9, 10, 
11, 12; Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Oracle Staff 12; Student Council 12; 
Powder Puff 11, 12; Being Fresh- 
man Athlete of the Year; All the 
memories from the proms, semis 
and parties; OOOO-OH so awe- 

Jay Patrick McColgan 
101 Old Street; Birthdate: January 3, 
1975; Ambition: To be rich; Favorite 
Song: "I'm Too Sexy"; Hockey 11, 
12; Golf 1 1, 12; Mr. Allen Period 3; 
Going to the gym every period Jun- 
ior year. 

Shira Marie McCormack 
3 1 Upham Street; Birthdate: April 1 , 
1974; Ambition: To be successful in 
my travel career; Favorite Song: 
"The Unforgiven"; Business Club 
12; Public Relations 12; School 
Store 9; Singing "There was a girl 
with a pale pink dress" with Tammy; 
Tina saying "I I love love double 
double fudge fudge" in the halls; My 

Tricia Ann Mazzarella 
54 Althea Road; Birthdate: April 7, 
1974; Ambition: To be rich, never 
marry, and never live in Compton 
again; Favorite Song: "Emotions"; 
Chorus 12; Peer Leadership 12; Hey 
Amy — "Take me to the Elks!"; 
Spending my first week at RHS in 
the Lecture Hall with all of my Lec- 
ture Hall buddies. 

Grady Travis McClinton 
26 Birchwood Road; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 29, 1973; Ambition: Never to 
come back to Randolph (except for 
Holidays); Favorite Song: "Flavor of 
the Month"; Football 9, 11, 12; Bas- 
ketball 9, 11; Track 9, 10, 12; Ken 
breaking his foot-tee- hee!; That stu- 
pid slam book; Slamming McArthur 
into all the lockers. 

Susan McColgan 

101 Old Street; Birthdate: January 3, 
1975; Ambition: To be successful; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Don't Cry"; Tutoring 
11, 12; Friends; Winter Semi- 
formal; Senior Freak Week. 

Andrea R. McFarlene 
45 Highland Avenue 


Michael E. McLoughlin 
33 Sunset Drive; Birthdate: April 15, 
1974; Football 9; Track 9, 10, 11, 
12; Andy Lamkin's fumble recovery 
at Thanksgiving game. 

Kimberly Ann Micele 
24 Robert Arey Drive; Birthdate: 
August 23, 1974; Ambition: To be 
happy and successful in whatever I 
do in the future; Favorite Song: "It's 
So Hard to Say Goodbye"; Softball 
10, 11, 12; The Homecoming Rally; 
Senior Freak Week; To my friends 
— Thanks for being there for me 
and listening to my cute stories! 
Thanks a lot! 

William F. Mofford 
82 Grove Street; Birthdate: May 17, 
1974; Ambition: Never to be called 
skinny again; Favorite Song: "Classic 
Girl and Three Days"; Football 9, 
10, 12; Hockey 9, 10, 1 1; Peer Lead- 
ership 12; Getting lost on the way to 
the Junior Prom because of Edita's 
bad directions; Having the best foot- 
ball record in all of Randolph's his- 
tory (9-2); Chinese Pat. 

Robert Manning Mullen, Jr. 
76 Pond Lane; Birthdate: January 
12, 1974; Ambition: To revolutionize 
film; Favorite Song: "Bookends"; 
Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Jazz 
Band 10, 11, 12; Teen Forum 11, 
12; Student's Alliance Against Rac- 
ism 12; Theater Guild 12; I remem- 
ber the smell of the old gym; I re- 
member the infamous trumpet line; 
I remember the easy life. 

Jamie Elaine Metherall 
3 Forrest Avenue; Birthdate: Febru- 
ary 23, 1974; Ambition: To become 
the head RHS security guard; Fa- 
vorite Song: "In Your Eyes"; March- 
ing Band 9; Chinese food after the 
Junior Prom; Wollaston Beach; Sen- 
ior Freak Week; To my friends — 
Thanks for being there. I'll miss 
you. I love you. 

Edward Anthony Mitchell 
9 Corcoran Street 

Birthdate: December 28, 1973; Am- 
bition: To live forever; Favorite Song: 
"Singing This Song"; Wood Shop 
10, 11, 12; My Turn (Leadership 
Council) 11, 12; Oracle Staff 12; 
Afro- American Club 12-Pres.; Win- 
ning second place in the "Voice of 
Democracy" contest; Three out- 
standing teachers — Mrs. Baldwin, 
Miss Campbell, Ms. Golden; Mr. Al- 
len and Mr. Brennan getting on my 
case for being tardy. 

Joseph F. Morrissey 
35 Deune Road; Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 7, 1973; Ambition: To make a 
beer and call it Joe's Brewha; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Radar Love"; Football 
9; Baseball 9; Phil, It's a grub day. 

Erika Lynn Nager 
1 1 Hart Circle 

Birthdate: January 2, 1974; Ambition: 
To be happy, successful, and have all 
my wishes come true; Favorite Song: 
"Endless Summer Nights"; SADD 
9, 10, 1 1; Peer Leadership 12; Pow- 
der Puff 11; Yearbook Staff 12; 
Homeroom Representative 12; Jr. 
and Sr. Proms, Graduation!; Foot- 
ball games, Freak Week, rallies, 
Cancun; Friends forever: Sacha, 
Kristy, Stefanie, Diane, Jen, 
Michelle, Marci, Tricia, Debbie, 
Gina, "Eric." 


Jason Andrew Nilsen 
15 Old Street; Birthdate: June 8, 
1974; Ambition: To go beyond the 
bounds of reality; Favorite Song: 
"The End, The Doors"; Room 105, 
7-10 Club; Vinny Hayward asleep in 
class; Phil Courier pleading on his 
knees to be able to return to class. 

Tammy L. Nunez 

11 Holly Lane; Birthdate: June 1, 


Amy Elizabeth O'Donnell 
103 West Street; Birthdate: February 
19, 1974; Ambition: To become a 
successful cosmetologist and live a 
happy life; Favorite Song: "Never Say 
Goodbye"; Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Powder Puff 11, 12; All my friends, 
the pink gorilla, swim team, powder 
puff, football games, rallies, freak 
week, semi-formal '90 and '91, Jr. 
Prom, 10th grade, Sr. Prom; 
Thanks Miss Harkins and Mr. 

Amiel E. Orquiola 

96 Bittersweet Lane; Birthdate: May 

29, 1974; Ambition: To outgrow Dan 

Roth; Favorite Song: "My, My, My"; 

Tennis 10, 11, 12-Captain; Soccer 


Technical Editor of Blue & White 

Banner 11, 12; Honor Roll 10, 11, 

12; Hull Beach V-ball; The mugshot 

with Angelo and Melissa at Loret- 

ta's; All my friends. 

Rebecca Niver 

3 Stoughton Street 

Jill Anne O'Connor 
17 Lind Terrace; Birthdate: June 20, 
1974; Ambition: To be successful in 
whatever I do and to make a lot of 
money; Favorite Song: "I'll Be Your 
Everything"; Amnesty International 
11; SAF 11; French Club 9, 10, 11; 
Chorus 12; De-shining in the caf- 
eteria with Anna; Round Rice 
Crispy treats; Doing so much work 
in labs. 

Julie Dawn O'Neil 
30 Crowley Drive; Birthdate: January 
24, 1974; Ambition: To someday be- 
come a nurse and live a long, happy 
successful life; Favorite Song: 
"Through the Years"; Cheerlead- 
ing 9; Business Club 12; Public Re- 
lations 12; Senior prom, junior 
prom, winter semi-formal, freak 
week; Rebecca, I love and miss you! 

Edita Outericka 

15 Gerald Avenue; Birthdate: Jan- 
uary 12, 1974; Ambition: To be suc- 
cessful in any career I choose and to 
stop stressing; Favorite Song: "The 
Rose"; Peer Leadership 12; SADD 
10, 12; Amnesty International 12; 
Powder Puff 11,12; Oracle Staff 12; 
Thanks for caring, Billyi; Nicole, can 
you do the boogaloo?; Games, 
proms, rallies, dances, all the good 

Chris John Padovano 
1 9 Denise Drive; Birthdate: January 
27, 1974; Ambition: Total world 
domination; Favorite Song: "Wind of 
Change"; Tutor 10, 11, 12; March- 
ing Band 9, 10; French Club 9; 
Glophy tripping over a juice box; 
Our month long, Friday fire alarm 
vacation Junior year; Traversing 
through 2 feet of snow to get to 
school, even though all other towns 
have the day off. 

Janet M. Perles 

902 Irving Road; Birthdate: May 16, 
1 974; Ambition: To dispel ignorance 
in the world; Favorite Song: "Skinny 
Sweaty Man"; Honor roll 10, 1 1, 12; 
Amnesty International 11- 
Treasurer, 12-Co-President; Stu- 
dent Council 12; Task Force for Ra- 
cial Relations; Community Service 
11, 12; Guidance office first day; 
Meetings with Herb; My rebirth. 

Joy Elizabeth Phillips 
89 Silver Street; Birthdate: October 
16, 1974; Ambition: To be successful 
and happy; Favorite Song: "Piano 
Man"; Swim Team 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Powder Puff 1 1 ; Homecoming Rally 
'91; Powder Puff Game; Thanx 
Amy, Chris, Sue, Edita, and Nicole 
for making these four years so much 

Jonathan Clark Poet 
1 Marconi Drive; Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 4, 1974; Ambition: To keep all 
my money, my cars, and my hair; 
Favorite Song: "Silent Lucidity"; Soc- 
cer 9, 10, 11, 12; Homeroom Ad- 
visor 12; Tutor 12; National Honor 
Society 11, 12; Oracle Staff 12; The 
soccer team's near-perfect record; 
the games, rallies, and dances with 
the 24-hour club; All my friends. 

Martin Victor Peretzman 
24 Lantern Lane; Birthdate: May 26, 
1974; Ambition: To be a physical 
therapist and have a happy family; 
Favorite Song: "It's So Hard to Say 
Goodbye To Yesterday"; Soccer 9, 
10, 11, 12-Captain; Drama Club 10; 
Tutor 10, 11; French Club 10; Cho- 
rus 9; Making varsity soccer my 
freshman year; Scoring the winning 
goal in my first high school soccer 
game ever; Making ACL all-star in 

Robyn M. Perlin 

10 Fawn Circle; Birthdate: July 30, 
1974; Ambition: To make a new wish 
every day; Favorite Song: "Cat's In 
The Cradle"; Children's Hospital 
Fund 9, 10, 11, 12; Amnesty In- 
ternational 11, 1 2-President; Na- 
tional Honor Society 10, 11, 12; 
Homeroom Advisor 11, 12; SADD 
9, 10; Lab partners forever; Those 
successful chemistry lessons; Having 
a perfect attendance record. 

Jeffrey C. Plizga 

31 Kathleen Road; Birthdate: Octo- 
ber 4, 1974; Ambition: To be suc- 
cessful and happy; Hockey 1 2; Base- 
ball 9, 1 1, 12; Honor Roll 9, 10, 1 1; 
"Great place to be"; Mr. Allen's 
grade 1 1 2nd period class. 

Joseph M. Pokaski III 
1 Crawford Street 
Birthdate: June 11, 1 974; Ambition: 
To be the first U.S. President to 
host Saturday Night Live; Favorite 
Song: "Fool in the Rain"; Soccer 9, 
10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; 
Student Council 10, 11, 12; Aca- 
demic Bowl 9, 10, 11, 12-Captain; 
Drama Club 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Ya da! Ya 
da! Bronski . . .; "Studs" '91; Chop's 
fumble recovery; Beach V-ball vs. 

Robert M. Polin 

36 Sarah Street; Birthdate: October 
31, 1974; Ambition: To own my own 
business; Favorite Song: "Crazy For 
You"; Wrestling 10, 1 1, 12; Baseball 
10; Track 9; Football 9, 10, 11; Ra- 
cial Harmony Club 12; Vice- 
President of Marketing — Junior 
Achievement; Mr. Zopati's class 1 1 , 
12; Mr. Gallagher's class freshman 
year; Thank you, Mr. Hill, for fresh- 
man year. 

Audra Beth Portnoy 
7 Adams Drive; Birthdate: January 
13, 1974; Ambition: To be a daycare 
worker; Favorite Song: "Don't Close 
Your Eyes"; Skipping school and not 
getting caught. 

Jason P. Price 

30 Soren Street; Birthdate: March 
22, 1974; Ambition: Own and run an 
architecture firm; Favorite Song: 
"Master of Puppets"; Winter Track 
9, 10; Spring Track 9, 10; Mr. 
Watt's drafting class sophomore 
year; Mr. Stevens freshman Earth 
Science; ISS. 

Amy Beth Reed 

19 Miacomet Avenue, Nantucket; 
Birthdate: September 9, 1972; Am- 
bition: To be a marine biologist; Soc- 
cer 9, 10, 11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 
11, 12-Captain; Track 9; Softball 
10, 11; 1991 ACL Softball Champs; 
Junior Prom 1991; Senior Prom, 

Harry Allen Pompeo 
42 Corthell Avenue, Whitman; 
Birthdate: February 4, 1973; Ambi- 
tion: Get a good job, go to college, 
get married, have a wonderful fam- 
ily; Favorite Song: "White Christ- 
mas"; Baseball 10, 11. 

Steven J. Preeper 
169 Grove Street 

Nicole Theresa Rabe 
286 Grove Street; Birthdate: Octo- 
ber 2, 1973; Ambition: To become a 
doctor; Favorite Song: "Against All 
Odds"; Harvard Model Congress 
12; Amnesty International 12; 
SADD 12; Peer Leadership 12; Pow- 
der Puff 11, 12; I will never forget 
my friends Sue, Edita, Amy, Joy, and 
Kris, for their time that they spent 
listening to me stress about a major 

David Joel Ricardo 
11 Alice Road; Birthdate: January 
29, 1974; Ambition: To become one 
with the wombats; Favorite Song: 
"Sexy Sadie"; Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 
12; Marching Band 10, 11, 12; Ac- 
ademic Bowl 9, 10, 11, 12-Captain; 
Jazz Band 10, 1 1, 12; Math Team 9, 
10, 11, 12; Blues jam with Winton; 
Making of the Odyssey. 

i ; ■ i * i . f " 

Kevin J. Richardi 

41 Knights Crescent Drive; 
Birthdate: February 27, 1974; Am- 
bition: Do my best in what I do; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Hold On to The 
Night"; SADD; Hockey 9, 10, 11, 
12-Captain; Football 9, 12; Blue 
Devil Invasion; Most loyal under- 
classman award in Hockey; Mr. 
Pignatelli's ninth grade English; Mr. 
Zopatti's twelfth grade; Harmony 

Thomas John Robison 
15 Louis Lane; Birthdate: July 10, 
1974; Ambition: To be successful in 
whatever I do; Favorite Song: "Fool 
in the Rain"; Football 9, 10, 11; 
Spring Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Winter 
Track 9, 10, 11, 12. 

Brett David Rosen 
12 Eagle Rock Road; Birthdate: June 
14, 1974; Ambition: To invent a new 
color; Favorite Song: "Touch of 
Evil"; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12; Ac- 
ademic Bowl 9, 10, 11, 12; Math 
Team 10, 11, 12; National Honor 
Society 10, 11, 12; Winning the 
State Wrestling Championships; the 
making of the Odyssey; Math 
study /gossip groups. 

Daniel Joseph Roth 
44 Raechel Road; Birthdate: July 23, 
1974; Ambition: To be happy and 
successful; Favorite Song: "Rock of 
Ages"; Soccer 10, 11, 12; Track 10, 
11, 12; Student Council 10, 11; Na- 
tional Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Tu- 
tor 12; Football and Basketball 

Joseph Ignatius Roberts, IV 
22 Wales Avenue; Birthdate: Octo- 
ber 10, 1973; Ambition: To be re- 
incarnated as a pig, and live the sim- 
ple life on a farm in Iowa; Favorite 
Song: "Crown of Thorns"; Class 
President 9; Student Council 9; Blue 
Devil Mascot 12; Homecoming King 
12; The freshman class trip — com- 
ing home in 90 degree weather in a 
bus with no air conditioning and 
windows that wouldn't roll down; 
All the press the school got in '91 , in 
full effect; The Homecoming Rally 
'91 (what a crowd!). 

Andrea Lynn Rogers 
14 Green Briar Lane, Holden; 
Birthdate: December 20, 1971; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Blowing Kisses in the 
Wind"; Basketball; Softball; Golf; 
Junior Prom; Senior Prom. 

Joshua Michael Ross 
7 1 Bittersweet Lane; Birthdate: April 
7, 1974; Ambition: To make the top 
grossing movie of all time; Favorite 
Song: "We Are The Champions"; 
Football 9; Homeroom advisor 11, 
12; Jazz Band 11; Jazz Combo 11; 
Oracle Staff 12-Head of Photogra- 
phy and Business; Andy's Fumble 
Recovery; Jeff getting arrested at 
Whitman-Hanson; 24 Hour Club; 
D.E.V.I.L.S. on our chests; Senior 
Year, the best ever. 

Aaron M. Rothman 
59 Morgan Street; Birthdate: May 3, 
1974; Ambition: To Skate for New 
Deal; Favorite Song: "XYZ"; Tennis 
10, 11, 12; The Aaron Daily; 12-10- 
9 1 , Rush; the Seven-Ten Club. 

Danielle Marie Rubini 
5 Markie Circle; Birthdate: March 5, 
1974; Ambition: To live life one day 
at a time; Favorite Song: "Back In 
Black"; My Turn 12; 10th Kim, Ju- 
lie, Chris; Santa Claus 1st Day; 11th 
photo lab meeting Sonny everyday; 
Love ya all, Ma, Dad, Donzie, I'm 
out of here. 

Marie J. R. Sajous 
12 Francis Drive, Apt. 419; 
Birthdate: May 23, 1973; Ambition: 
To be an interior designer; Favorite 
Song: "Everybody Plays the Fool"; 
French Club; Teen Forum; Commu- 
nity Service; Student Against Racial 
Harmony; A time when some 
friends and I went to Faneuil Hall 
with the French Club; When we 
went to visit Emmanuel College; 
Freak Week. 

Jennifer L. Sell 

93 Allen Street; Birthdate: May 16, 
1 974; Ambition: To be happy at what 
I do; Favorite Song: "Hey You"; Bas- 
ketball 9, 12; Softball 9, 12; March- 
ing Band 9, 10; Jazz Band 9, 10; Mr. 
Fallon's excellent sox; Mr. Steven's 
science class — Mortimer Snerd; 
Going home early to call our friends 
still in school. 

Karen H. Shirley 

111 Cross Street; Birthdate: October 
16, 1974; Ambition: To be a news 
reporter; Favorite Song: "It's So 
Hard To Say Goodbye To Yester- 
day"; Newspaper Club 12; Oracle 
Staff 12; My Turn; Teen Forum 10, 
11, 12; Afro-American Club 10, 11, 
12; Community Service; Senior 
Freak Week; All the fun times at the 

Pasquale J. Russo 

66 Cottage Street; Birthdate: May 7, 
1974; Favorite Song: "Is It Good To 
You?"; Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12; SADD 
10, 11, 12; Racial Harmony 12; Mr. 
Zopatti's Class 11, 12; Thank You, 
Mr. Hill; Freshman Year; The Little 
Freshman, I love you. 

Fabiola F. Santos 

Loretta C. Shing 

16 Tiffany Drive; Birthdate: January 
20, 1 974; Ambition: To be happy and 
successful; Favorite Song: "At This 
Moment"; Football Cheerleading 9, 

10, 11, 12; Winter Cheerleading 10, 

11, 12-Captain; Student Council 9, 
10, 11, 12; Honor Society 10, 11, 
12; Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Pow- 
der Puff 11, 12; Proms, rallies, 
Thanksgiving, Homecoming; Sum- 
mer of '91; New Hampshire and 
Fanueil Hall forever; to Melissa, An- 
gelo, and Amiel — the mugshot 
profile of '89. 

Michele Ann Siegal 
26 Katy Circle; Birthdate: May 11, 
1 974; Ambition: To be successful and 
happy; to help out people who need 
it; to reach 5 feet tall!; Favorite Song: 
"Piano Man"; SADD 10, 12; Com- 
munity Service 10, 11, 12; Peer 
Leadership 10, 11, 12; Students for 
Racial Harmony 9, 10, 11, 12; Tu- 
tor 9, 10, 11, 12; Junior Prom; Sen- 
ior Freak Week — the guys looked 
great!; Every time we pull together 
as a class. 

Chad A. Silver 

22 Birch Drive; Birthdate: April 9, 
1974; Ambition: To be rich; Favorite 
Song: "Always Into Something." 

Shawn E. Smith 

36 Adams Drive; Birthdate: Septem- 
ber 2, 1974. 

Emily Anne Straus 
87 Highland Avenue; Birthdate: No- 
vember 27, 1974; Ambition: To live 
an adventure-filled life in the com- 
pany of good friends; Favorite Song: 
"Piano Man"; Oracle Staff 12; Dra- 
ma Club 9, 10; Student Council 9, 
11; National Honor Society 10, 11, 
12; Tutor 10, 12; What do you want 
to do tonight?; "Look Away," 
"Arrow," "Small Wonder," "So 
long, farewell"; Good times with 
good friends and lots of laughs. 

Angelo Sam Syrniotis 
23 DeLorenzo Drive; Birthdate: Jan- 
uary 12, 1974; Ambition: To have the 
best system around; Favorite Song: 
"One Step Away"; Football 9, 10, 
11, 12; Basketball 9, 10, 11; Na- 
tional Honor Society 10, 11, 12; 
Homeroom Advisor 12; Oracle Staff 
12-Sports Editor; To Loretta, Me- 
lissa, and Amiel — the mugshot of 
'89; To go 9-2 in football, senior 
year; Get on that, Joe!; Oh no! It's a 
speed bump! 

Ronald Matthew Skolnick 
46 Perley Evans Drive; Birthdate: 
February 4, 1974; Ambition: To be 
rich and very successful; Favorite 
Song: "Everything I Do, I Do It For 
You"; Track 10, 11; Basketball 9; 
The overnighter; Hearts; Football 

Sacha Amber Stone 
22 Liberty Place; Birthdate: July 10, 
1974; Ambition: To be happy, rich 
and successful in whatever I choose 
to do; Favorite Song: "The Best of 
Times"; Good times in and out of 
school with all my friends — Proms, 
Football games; Hockey games; Ral- 
lies; Thanks Mom, Dad, Kim, Jeff, 
Shaina — LUV U ALL. 

Michael E. Swartz 

33 Pine Avenue; Birthdate: October 
8, 1974; Ambition: To have a good 
time; Favorite Song: "XYZ"; Jazz 
Band 11, 12; Jazz Combo 11, 12; 
SADD 9; 7-10 Club; Playing cards; 
The Aaron Daily; Jazz band com- 

Jennifer Tarpey 

456 Center Street; Birthdate: De- 
cember 17, 1974; Ambition: To live 
for a long time with the people I 
love; Favorite Song: "Ownlee Ewe"; 
Girls Choir; Select Chorus; Drama 
Club; SADD; My Turn; Cutting a 
class and getting in trouble for it; 
Making new friends and finding old 
ones; Seeing other seniors come and 
go, knowing someday my turn 
would come. 

Jeffrey Scott Tatel 
10 Acorn Drive; Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 15, 1974; Ambition: To play my 
drums all around the world; Favorite 
Song: "Enter Sandman, One, The 
Unforgiven"; Football 9; Track 10; 
Model Rocketry Club 9, 10; Busi- 
ness Club 9, 10, 1 1; Student Advisor 
12; Daily visits to Mr. Vallente; Ag- 
gravating Ms. Mirow in ninth grade, 
and Mr. Van Cor in tenth grade; 
Being late to Mr. Tuite in eleventh 
grade; In twelfth grade — being Mr. 
Sarney's personal mailman. 

Stacey Lee Travis 

442 Eastern Avenue; Birthdate: 
March 27, 1973; Ambition: To be art 
teacher, interior designer; Favorite 
Song: "Rap and Christian"; Soccer; 
Basketball; Track; bowling; Golf; 
Softball; Susan; Deanna S. 
Tina M. 

Michelle Valente 

12 Michelle Lane; Birthdate: Sep- 
tember 22, 1974; Ambition: To make 
my parents proud of me and to be- 
come a successful business manager; 
Favorite Song: "Always-n-Forever"; 
Peer Leadership 11; SADD 9, 10, 
11, 12; Business Club 12; Powder 
Puff 11,12; Public Relations 11,12; 
Rebecca and Brian — you're in my 
heart always!; All the good times 
with friends and all the good rallies; 
Meeting my cool romancer — I love 
you, Clinton! 

Brian M. Wadel 

11 Howe Circle; Birthdate: August 
16, 1974; Ambition: To be the first 
four-time collegiate national wres- 
tling champion; Favorite Song: "Me 
Against The World"; Basketball 9; 
Wrestling 10, 11, 12-Captain; Ms. 

Vinh-Minh That Ton 
28 Nelson Drive; Birthdate: Febru- 
ary 29, 1972; Ambition: To be a med- 
ical doctor; Favorite Song: "Midnight 
Lady"; Honor Roll 11; High Honor 
Roll 12; Randy Awards (4) 11; Stu- 
dent of the Month (2) 11; Who's 
Who Among American High School 
Students; Randy Award Day, May 

Marci R. Ufland 

22 Michelle Lane; Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 8, 1974; Ambition: To own every 
color jeans, and matching shoes; Fa- 
vorite Song: "Open Arms"; Gymnas- 
tics 9, 10, 11, 12-Captain; Softball 9, 
10, 11, 12; Powder Stuff 1 1; Fresh- 
man Advisor 11; SADD 9, 10, 11, 
1 2-Secretary; Freshman year; Get- 
ting lost and eventually getting to 
our classes late; All the fun we've 
had, Football/Hockey games, ral- 
lies, Freak Week, Semi-formals, 
Proms, etc . . .; Thanks to the whole 
gang for all the good times we've 
had together. 

Irene Marie Verge 
16 Lori Lane; Birthdate: August 25, 
1 974; Ambition: To be an elementary 
school teacher; Peer Leadership 12; 
Powder Puff 11; SADD 10, 11, 12; 
Honor Roll 9, 11, 12; Foreign Lan- 
guage Lab Aid 10; Study Buddies 
fifth period; Jen's friendship. 

Heidi Ward 

21 Crawford Street; Birthdate: July 
16, 1974; Ambition: To never have 
an enemy; Favorite Song: "If You 
Needed Somebody"; SADD 9, 10, 
11, 12; Cross Country Track 9; 
French Club 9; Fifth period Study 
Buddies; "Missy-School starts at 
7:35 a.m."; Stuffing Jenn in Amiel's 

Jennifer Lynn Wahler 
44 Acorn Drive; Birthdate: February 
6, 1974; Ambition: To be a teacher 
and have a family; Favorite Song: 
"Heaven"; Honor Roll 11, 12; 
SADD 9, 10, 1 1-V.P., 12-Pres.; Peer 
Leadership 12; Powder Puff 11, 12; 
French Club 9, 10; Fifth period 
Study Buddies; Irene's friendship 
(tweedle dum); Senior year; Grad- 

Earl K. Wallace 

Kathleen Marie Watts 
225 Chestnut Street 
Birthdate: November 23, 1974; Am- 
bition: To become a teacher; Favorite 
Song: "Dream On"; Track 9, 10, 12 
SADD 12; Community Service 12 
My Turn 12; Newspaper Club 10 
Eileen, Jodi, Jill, Em, Melissa, 
Teesha, Jenn; Rallies; Football 
games; Vincent's; Sunday nights; All 
the guys; Reggae music. 

Jeffrey Michael Wetzonis 
6 Truelson Drive; Birthdate: April 
19,1 974; Ambition: To be happy and 
settle down with a Playboy bunny; 
Favorite Song: "We Stand Alone"; 
Track 9; Wrestling 10; The Blue 
Devils mascot at the games and ral- 
lies; "Bridgeway"; The gourmet 
meals that the cafeteria lunch ladies 
prepared and served with great po- 

Kevin Michael Waite 
55 Highland Avenue; Birthdate: 
June 21, 1974; Ambition: To make 
sure everyone else's ambitions don't 
come true; Favorite Song: "Angie"; 
Football 9, 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 
11, 12; Amnesty 11; Winter Track 
9, 10; Tutors 11; Bronski's 4-point 
play that lost everything; running 8 
miles in Africa — hot temperature 
after losing 26-0 in baseball. 

Emily Joyce Warner 
38 McDevitt Road; Birthdate: De- 
cember 30, 1974; Ambition: To be 
the woman who ultimately drives 
the Wahlberg brothers apart; Favor- 
ite Song: "Wish You Were Here"; 
National Honor Society 11, 12; Stu- 
dent School Committee 11, 12; Dra- 
ma Club 11, 12; Newspaper Club 9, 
10; Powder Puff 11; Corky Claire 
Vincents Skating Harlan, why?; 
M+M's Slap Shaw's G-friend Mary 
go to moles Veerner Kat Mel Jam 
Jen Dan Jod Jil Janza My twin Grab 
Dave Dignity. 

DeAnne Wells 

Birthdate: October 11, 1974; Ambi- 
tion: To do my best unto God in 
everything I do; Favorite Song: "It's 
So Hard To Say Goodbye"; Stu- 
dents Against Racism 10, 11, 12; 
Teen Forum 12; French Club 11, 
12; Afro-American Club; Leaving- 
Going; Leaving-Going; Leaving- 

Shannon Ann Weyman 

141 Hampshire Road, Wellesley; 

Birthdate: May 18, 1970. 

Christina Anne White 
46 Edwin Street; Birthdate: June 8, 
1973; Ambition: To live a long, hap- 
py life with Brian; Favorite Song: 
"The Rose"; SADD 9; Business 
Club 12; Public Relations 12; In- 
dividual Advisor 1 1 ; Powder Puff 
11, 12; Joy, Doodles, and Suzzy — 
You guys are the best. Thanks for 
always being there. Jenn, Thanks for 
the great times at the Rocky. Marci, 
I hope you get your bingo chip skirt 
and leather boots someday. I love ya! 

Nicole Marie Williams 
29 Cochato Park; Birthdate: Novem- 
ber 9, 1974; Ambition: To have all 
my dreams come true; Favorite Song: 
"One Moment In Time"; Student 
Council 10, 11, 1 2-Treasurer; Dra- 
ma Club 9, 10, 11, 12; National 
Honor Society 10, 11, 12; Peer Tu- 
tor 10, 11; Honor Roll 10, 11, 12; 
The Arrow Dance; The 24 Hour 
Club (91-92); "New-found fascina- 

Michelle Elizabeth Yenof 
74 Truman Drive; Birthdate: April 4, 
1974; Ambition: To be successful and 
happy in whatever I choose; Favorite 
Song: "Never Say Goodbye"; Home- 
room Representative 9, 10, 11; 
SADD 9, 10, 11; Drama 9, 10; Hon- 
or Roll 9, 10, 12; Track 9, 10; Pe- 
riod 2 Study Buddies; Sherri — 
How's lunch been? 

Susan Paula Zalis 

286 Grove Street; Birthdate: July 13, 
1974; Ambition: To be able to drive 
legally someday (with a license); 
French Club 9, 10; Public Relations 
12; SADD 9; Business Club 11, 12; 
Powder Puff 12; Doodles, Joy, Cam, 
Nicole — Thanks for always being 
there! I love ya's all!; Jr. Prom; Sr. 
Prom; Thanks, Miss Harkins! 

Natalie Williams 

1 East Patterson Avenue; Birthdate: 
November 6, 1974; Ambition: To be 
a successful interior designer; Favor- 
ite Song: "It's So Hard to Say Good- 
bye"; Teen Forum 12; Powder Puff 
11; Students Against Racism 12; 
Afro- American Club 12; Oracle Staff 

Teisha Williams 

Samantha Leigh Yorra 
1 7 Crawford Street 
Birthdate: May 16, 1974; Ambition: 
To achieve my goals and be the best 
I can be; Favorite Song: "Keep Com- 
ing Back To You"; Drama 9; SADD 
9; Library 9, 10; School Store 9; 
Being together with friends; Senior 
year; Mrs. Baldwin. 

Christopher W. Rideout 
15 Ward Street; Birthdate: August 8, 
1973; Ambition: To go to college and 
play Division 1 football; Favorite 
Song: "Masterpiece"; Football 9, 10, 
11, 12-Captain; Baseball 9, 12; Bas- 
ketball 9; Track 9, 10, 11; Going to 
Bahamas Sophomore Year; Playing 
Football and Baseball With the Best 


Connie Renika Alexander, Janet G. Baggs, Kevin Bennett Jr., Jonathan D'Arrigo, Steven A. DeAngelis, Teresa Marie 
Donahue, David John Faria, Kimani Chike Fletcher, Alejandro J. Garcia, Michael J. Garst, Claudine Rena Graham, Dawn 
Michelle Henchy, Jessel R. Herbert, Anthony James Higgins, Cheri Howes, Anthony M. Iskra, Jr., Natasha A. Kerr, Sean 
Noel Kilraine, Melissa LaMonica, Neville A. Neil, Maline Duch Pheng, Kimberly Ann Pierucci, Jill Suzanne Pochay, David 
Meyer Rosen, Sara Kristina Rumar, Lateesha Towana Simons, Marc Anthony Smith, Eric P. Thorn, Michael David 
Watkins, Samuel Wernick, Gerard Piotr Wernio, Maryanne So Ming Wong, Yuk-leung Yum, Yuk-Man Yum. 


-- ' m 


■ : ■ 



I think of you in silence 

And make no outward show 

But what it meant to loose you 

No one will ever know 

You wished no one a farewell 

Nor even said good-bye 

You were gone before I knew it 

And only God knew why 

A golden heart stopped beating 

Your gentle hand at rest 

God broke my heart to prove to me 

He only takes the best 

If stairs were made for heartache 

By adding teardrops too 

I'd build a staircase to heaven 

And climb each day to you 




&h<*fi MB 

:::■%'■:•:■ -^m 



Melissa Fox 

Shawn Ciapp 


Melanie Letzring 

Rich Fruzzetti 

k l 


Laura Campbell 

Shawn Ghose 





ul'ebbie Grayden 


Shawn Smith 

'vnika Dunn 

George Davis 


Diane Condlin 





Michele Siegal 

Jill O'Connor 

Nicole Williams 

Edita Outerika 

Joy Phillips 

Chris Lafratta 

Bill Mofford 


Amy Cole 



i ■■■** . ^H ^-'n 


Wfj fv t* 4* 

W v 


fe^ : ' K 



^3 K^j 

The bad boys of boy's track. 

Hey, that's Sumana's old hair 

The most boring moment of Audra's life 

John, stay off the drugs! 


mi mm 

Toga Day 

A Day at the Forum! 


Life on Mt. Olympus. 

Studying for Greek Philosophy Test. 


Cross Dress Day 

"We got the look!' 


~" w* J 

Nerd Day 


"We don't have the looks, but we got the brains!" 

Anything Goes Day 

"Are you telling me to mooove?' 

'Brushing, it's no joke!' 

The odd couple. 

Beauty School drop outs. 




Who's filming whom? 

They ate the food, and they're still smiling. 

When did they open the senior lounge? 

Melanie, happy as always. 



<■<■•-- I 

■ ■ 



*#% * V i 




I* 7 ** 






Mr. Paul T. Hannigan 

Mr. Gerald J. Linehan 

Mr. Richard F. Power 



Dr. Lyn A. Huttunen, Super- 

Mr. Richard C. Coburn, As- 
sistant Superintendent 


Mr. Robert Gass, Chair- 

Mr. David Harris, Jr. 

Mrs. Cindi Barkley 

Mrs. Brenda Berger 

Mr. R. Neal Condlin 



■'". 'I M 

, '»S1 ' 

John Allen 
Social Studies 
Floor Master 

David Berry 

Music Chairperson 


try Campbell 

Robert Anderson 

Loretta Baldwin 

Joseph Bourgeois 

Thomas Brennan 

Maryan Barbarisi 
Career Development 

Peter Carey 



Arthur Bumpus 

Model Rocketry 

Phil Carlino 
Physical Education 

Kathleen Chase 
Physical Education Chairpersoi 


Chris Christopher 
School Store 

Francis Colosi, Jr. 
Special Education 

Thomas Edwards 
Career Development 

Computer Club 
Newspaper Advisor 

Patricia Frederickson 

John Chuckran 
Career Development 

Robert Clark 

Health Education 

Junior Class Advisor 

Paul Connors 

ESL/TBE Foreign Language 


David Cronin 
Business Education 

Social Studies 
Community Service 

Richard Cohn 
Special Education 

John Donovan 

Lawrence Fallon 
Asst. Guidance Director 

Michael Farrar 

Ann Ford 
English Coordinator 

Alfred Galante 


Math Coordinator 

John Guiggio 


Senior Class Advisor 

Susan Giuliano 
Career Development 



Mary Harkins 

Arthur Hawkins 
Special Services 

Nancy Hollis 

JNancy tn 


Barbara Hughes 


Paul King 

Paula Klusas-King 
Foreign Language 

Helen Lam 

Kathnne Le Tourneau 
Special Services Director 


Andrew Leverone 

Dr. Vincent Liuzzi 
Career Development Coordinator 

Ronald Lovett 
Social Studies Coordinator 



Susan Malmad 
Special Services 



Donna Merlino 

Sheila Mirow 
Social Studies 

Miriam Modricamin 

Arthur Mullaney 
Guidance Director 


Frank Shedlock 
Physical Education 

Kathleen Sheehan 
Special Services 

Bernadette Spano 


Richard Sweeney 
Health Chairperson 

Robert Stone 
Media Technician 

Richard Sullivan 

Social Studies 

Freshman Class Advisor 

Edward Todd 

Lorraine Tower 

Foreign Language 

Student Homeroom Advisor 

Tutorial Program 

Ann Skelly 

French Club 

Anita Sun 


C < 

Mary-Ann Truczinskas 

John Tuite 

Thomas Turner 


Math Club 

Stephen Vaillencourt 
Social Studies 


Richard Murphy 
Career Development 

Kevin O'Brien 

John Papa 


Yearbook Advisor 

Brendan Riordon 

Special Services 


Joel Neiditz 
Social Worker 


Donald Nelson 

Dr. William O'Brien 


Scholarship Committee 

Robert Olsen 

Robert Pillarella 
Pre- Vocational 

Lisa Pimentel 


Jazz Band 

Sally Nisby 
Career Development 

Theresa O'Rourke 

Garrett Powell 


Student Council 

Linda Rosenfield 
Special Services 

Diane Samia 
Career Development 



Anthony Vellante 


Floor Master 

Robert Visser 
Career Development 

Barbara Wagner 
Special Services 



Priscilla Walsh 

Patricia Ward 

James Wheeler 
Advance Program 




Felisa White 

Barbara Foster 

Alfred George 

Paul Watts 
Career Development 

Fredrick Youngclaus 
Special Services 

Judith Mayer 

David Wahlgren 

Edward Weiand 
Special Education 

Frank Zapatti 
Career Development 

Arthur Melia 


Rindi Puglia 
Housemaster 7-12 Office 

Kathleen Rakoski 
Special Services 

Alta Salmeri 
Food Services 

Barbara Scott 
Special Services 



Virginia Drieze (High School Man- 

Loretta Sullivan 

Mary Blakley 

Marjorie Conroy 

Shirley Siciliano 

Lillian Gillas 

Marion Thorne 

Kathy Sullivan 
Missing — Nancy Rosa 



In Memoriam 

Mr. Ronald Mavor 

Teacher of Mathematics 

Mr. Mavor will be remembered for his contributions to 
and for his concern for the students of Randolph High 




Michele Siegal 

Joel Connor 


Robyn Perlin 

David Ricardo 


Brett Rosen 


Jill Emerson 


Michelle Valente 

Rob Mullen 


Clinton Sparks 


Jodi Gosule 

Dan Bash 


Our Winter Semi-Formal 

Our Winter Serai-Formal is an Annual 
event. It is an evening filled with excite- 
ment; It is an evening filled with happiness 
and warm feelings; It is an evening filled 
with memories. 

What a couple! 

H H 


lAJ W% 


1 \ \ 

■Ml ■ 

1 &. 

1; ' I 

^L ~^, 

Let's do the twist. 

"Another picture?" 

Man, did I hit the Jackpot! 


\n Evening of Glitter and Fantasy . . . 


It d 

4 Jfl ^^K? ..... ^Mfefc * ' " : y : ' 3r* 

11 il 


W a \ £ M™ ' 


V jj 


'Boy, aren't we coordinated?" 

'I can't find my date." 

Where are the girls? 

"Are you gonna walk or do you want a ride?' 

'Look, I can act like a Chicken!" 



A Dream Come True . . 

Umm, your shoulder smells good 


"I wish my mother tied my tie right!" 



. . Music and Dancing . . . 


I , I 



An Evening To Remember 



~ N ■*.• 



f 7 ' 


V 0^\ 

- , 


"All right, so, it doesn't match my suit!" 

"Dan, you are cute!" 

A night with a wonderful guy. 

"Should I escape now or later?" 

"Someone wanna get me off this wall?" 




IHMB£ : TORff9 


Cheerleaders (Varsity — Group) 
Bottom: Elisabeth Roos, Amanda Doerr, Loretta Shing, Laura Campbell, Jill Pokaski. Top: Leah 
Zambernati, Lindsay Gibson, Melissa Powers, Melissa LaMonica, Kristi Daley, Tammy Brady. 

Cheerleaders (Varsity — Seniors) 
Melissa LaMonica, Loretta Shing, Laura Campbell. 

Cheerleaders (Junior Varsity) 
Bottom: Liz Campbell, Angela Shing, Stephanie Gluck, Jennifer Perfetuo, Corey Sanders, Rebecca 
Cohen. Top: Heather Fucile, Wendy Stein, Jill Schwartz, Reyna Epstein, Jill O'Donnell, Denise Perry. 


Y4ML mm 



Head over heels for cheering 

The Three Musketeers 

One big happy family 



i 7- 

^ ■*■'• • ^ 

^ .'* ft 

-»'%,.#1j| *!»«** 

*©> jt^.-A^p^ 


. \ 



Sitting: Angelo Syrniotis, Bill Mofford, Phil Courier, Shawn Clapp, Chris Rideout, Tony DeCouto, Rich Fruzzetti, Bill Donahue, Ishmael 
Christmas, Mike Mateo, Kevin Richardi, Shawn Smith. Second Row: Sean Fay, MacArthur Daley, Mark Bolster, Mike Roberts, Alan Kronmiller, 
Dan Cherenson, Derek Oats, Tom Spiro, Josh Sandler, Nick Apazidas, Scott Knapp, Joe Cohen, Grady McClinton. Third Row: Coach Wells, 
Coach Sullivan, Kevin Waite, Andy Lamkin, Corey Skolnick, James DeCourcey, Chris Carbone, Bob Barbosa, Mike Clapp, Sean Everett, Bob 
Atkins, Steve Meade, Rob Gale, Kevin Bennett, Coach Brennan, Coach Perkins. Fourth Row: Andy Wilkins, Ricardo Abelard, Jason Hill, Leland 
Elliott, Ariel Tunon, Scott Stryer, Greg McCormack, Picard Jaques, Tommy Reed, Scott Robson, Rob Malagutti, Jon Plouf. 

The Blue Devils finished their season with a distinguished 9-2 record led by the leadership of the 
seniors. In the final game before Thanksgiving, the Devils went up against Whitman-Hanson for the 
League Championship. Unfortunately, they came up short in a disappointing 13-12 game. However, 
it is better to have played and lost than to never have had that chance. Thanks for a great season '92. 


Is that Lamkin on the line? 

Who here understands Calculus? 

h n a 


Sitting: Chris Rideout, Tony DeCouto, Rich Fruzzetti. Middle Row: Shawn Clapp, Ishmael Christmas, Kevin 
Bennett, Shawn Smith, Billy Donahue, Kevin Richardi, Mike Mateo. Standing: Kevin Waite, Sean Fay, 
Angelo Syrniotis, Billy Mofford, Phil Courier, Macarthur Daley, Andy Lamkin, Grady McClinton. 

Which way to the end zone? 




Archbishop Wililams 































Bishop Feehan 










Clappa creating a path. 


Sitting: Amy Robison, Amel Amed — Captain, Melanie Letzring — Captain, Laurie Sanders — Captain, Anne Marie Robertson — Captain, Janine Wuschke, Megan 
Sullivan, Jen Morten. 2nd Row: Bethany D'Addario, Erika Sablone, Beth McBratney, Kim Mullen, Dipti Patel, Marie Shannon — Goalie, Lianne Bleiwas, Christine 
Mugherni, Gabrielle Doran. Standing: JV Coach Cutler, Colleen Madonka, Katie Norton, Jessica Gillin, Jen Leslie, Kathy Robertson, Jessica Nankin, Christine D'Addario, 
Allison McBratney, Rebecca Lewis, Elizabeth Camelio, Varsity Coach Weiand. 

Look I can hop on one foot 

Melanie Letzring gets on that 

This year's record does not reflect the team's work! 
ethic and camaraderie demonstrated over the season. 
Remember JFK hills; Putting up the nets; Earl; Kill D-Y; 
Dennis; Jam sessions at the back of the bus; McDonald's: 
Leap frog; Maple St.; All-Star Grinch; Telephone; We 
Love You, Ed. 

3ackRow: Coach Brian Maxwell, Bobby Richardson, Jason Williams, Lee Soo, Jonathan Weinberg, Paul Chirichillo, Rich Chang, 
[ke Stewart, Mike Shoenig, Joe Escobar, Brian Orquiola. Front Row: Sean Kenney, Mike Bita, Joe Pokaski, Steve Gladstone (co- 
:aptain), Martin Peretzman (co-captain), Jonathan Poet, Dan Roth, Tremain Fernandes. 

Co-captain Martin Peretzman sticking his foot in. 

Guys, I'm Open . . . Guys? 

Dan Roth getting ready to play. 

.aptain Steve Gladstone lends some mor- 

Mike Bita dribbling the ball. 

The varsity soccer team had little to cheer about this 
year. However, there were some tie games with Dennis- 
Yarmouth and Scituate both of which were very strong 
teams. Martin Peretzman was named an All Star. Every 
game was interesting, and the team had a chance to win 
almost every game through aggressive play. 


Bottom: Jen Violante, Joy Phillips, (C), Amy O'Donnell (C), Amy Dziergowski (C), Christine Roycroft, Valerie Murray (Coach). 
Top: Sandra Sarno, Rachel Lat, Mary Redmond, Jenna Strazzulla, Debbie Stein, Nicole Devin, Beth Dziergowski, Colleen 
McGuire, Tracy Dimuzio, Rebecca Cohen, Kristin Dziergowski. 

- ■ 

— «___ 





I hate the butterfly 


"How did she get ahead of me?" 

Amy takes one last breath 

Joy, Amy, and Amy: Swimming buddies forever 

After months of long, hard practices, the Girl's Swim 
Team finished fourth in the Pilgrim Conference with a 
league record of 3-3. Four Swimmers Qualified for the 
South Sectional Championship. 

Hoach Lisa Betcher, Diane Hynes, Kristyn Capasso, Nicole Powers, Shanon Hogen, Lori Cady, Alix Tilihunt, Ruth Gonzalves, 
vlarci Ufland, Angela Hunter, Kristyn Topham, Kim Johnson, Anne Hall, Sandreen, Danielle Powers, Emily Kachinsky. 

Captain Marci for her usual pose. 

Emily on beam, nicely 

1 * w 


|^k ^^m 

Please, no more pictures! 

taiSMaiSi - 



Grease Lightning go Grease Lightning 

Don't bother me; I'm in a trance 

Kristyn taking her daily cat nap 

Bottom: Capt. Rich Fruzzetti, Capt. George Davis. Top: Joel Connor, Mike Mateo, Matt Goodflnger, Bobby Barbosa, Clayton 
Richards, Tom Donahue, Keith Pokornicki, Rob Gale, Neville Neil, Steve Gladstone, Scott Fortes, Mark Bronski, Coach Ronnie 
Wilkes. Missing: Ken Hickman, Ricardo Abelard. 

Nice move, Joel — must be the socks! 

Scott goes baseline — AGAIN! 

Rich battles under the boards. 

What a jump? 

Neville out-quicks his opponent. 

Manute — trying to fly. 

Scott struggles to stay awake. 

Steve finds an opening. 

Bronski — good move, weak goatee. 

Nice footwork, Mark. 

Joel works his way up the floor. 

This year's varsity basketball season was a frustrating one. The team had high hopes and a lot of 
confidence coming into the season, but nagging injuries to key players kept those hopes from becoming 
reality. After losing several heartbreakers in the closing seconds of games, the team seemed to be falling 
apart. Fortunately, the team regained its composure and was at full strength for the state tournament. 
After beating Oliver Ames and Case, the team was handed its final buzzer-beating defeat courtesy of 
Hyde Park. 

Katie Norton, Jen Sell, Crystal Dean, Jen Violante, Stacy Irwin, Ann Marie Robertson, Erika Sablone, Coach Bob Peterson. 
Kneeling: Laurie Sanders — Captain. Missing: Janine Wuschke. 

I'm scared 

Air Norton, up, up, and away 

Move it, I'm getting this one 


OK, I think I will shoot now 

Oh my goodness, I think we are winning 

Wuschke gets on that. 

You're not getting past me! 

What should I do with this? 

Crys will make you jump, jump! 

Is it ever coming down? 


Bottom: Coach Jenkins, Grady McClinton, Robert Polin, Mike Bettuchi, Sean Smith, Brett Rosen, Mc Arthur Daley, Coach Maher. 
Top: Jermaine Daley, Nick Apazidis, Brian Maccini, Keith Doherty, Doug Liberman, Mike Kaidel. 

The team cheers on. 

Watch out, I bite. 

Little Rosen on the warpath. 

Kick, Jeff — oh, I mean Doug. 

R*,'." UiT^fcffr>. -Li-Yl'^.^LiV A -."H^T'lA:* ■ ¥*&.'"'- ■ * 


South Sectional 



Lick 'em. 

Where is he? 

Smitty — BENCHED?? (again?) 

May I have this dance? 


103 lbs. — Rob Polin 

135 lbs. — Doug Liberman 

152 lbs. — Sean Smith (capt.) 

171 lbs. — Brett Rosen 

Heavyweight — McArthur Daley 

Front Row, Seniors, Left to Right: Mark Healey, Joel Connor, John Healey (captain), George Davis, Mick Fonseca, Mike McLoughlin. 
Second Row: Brian Maccini, Tim Trull, Dan McGuire, Coach Garrett Powell, Bill Burke, Mike Hazel, Dave King, Eric Sherman. 
Third Row: Marc Germain, Tom Goldman, Dave Berardi, Leo Kin, Keith Levine. 

How did I end up in Williamsburg? ... I 
must have taken a wrong turn. 

Here's George, completing the final 

I think I had too much mayonnaise in that 

Mark, It's time for another haircut. 

Mick and Joel race to the finish. 

Scores: Randolph: 1 5 
(a low score is good) Randolph: 22 
Randolph: 39 
Randolph: 25 
Randolph: 21 
Randolph: 37 
Randolph: 15 

Hingham: 44 
New Bedford: 32 
Dennis- Yarmouth: 17 
Marshfield: 35 
Duxbury: 36 
Whitman-Hanson: 19 
Sandwich: 48 

The Men's Cross Country team wrapped up another outstanding 
season. The "pack" of seniors worked together to produce medalists, 
an Atlantic Coast League all-star, and many victories, helping the 
team finish third in the league. At the South Shore Principles meet, 
Randolph finished fourth out of 21 teams in southeastern Mas- 
sachusetts. "The Pack," being the strength of the team, will certainly 
be missed next year, but the remaining team, consisting of seven 
juniors, a sophomore, and three eighth graders will continue the 
winning tradition. 


f" 01 ^ 

Bottom Row: Leah Zambernadi, Cheryl Hunter, Jessica Munroe, Deborah Levy. Top Row: Marissa Leone, Susan Fruzzetti, Theresa 
Rozelle, Jennifer Stone, Jen O'Donell. 

Theresa leads the pack. 

Good job, Jen, You can pass her. 

There's just no competition for 

Let's Go, Randolph 

There they go. 

The girl's cross country team did surprisingly well after the loss of two famous track stars, Leanne Burke and Kristen Galante. 
Sue Fruzzetti led the girls through many of their races. A large group of sophomores have also scored for the team. This small 
team should do pretty well in the future. 

Bottom: Coach Buddy Yandle, P. J. Russo, Kevin Richardi, Sean Kenney, Jay McColgan, Dan Clapp, Scott Robson, Rich Stooler, 
Anthony Iskra. Top: Vinnie Hayward, Matt Berryman, Jeff Plizga, Tony Pole, Brian O'Leary, Vasilos Hatmanholis, Rob O'Neil, 
Steve DeAngelis, Mark Donahue, Todd Sawyer, Jamie Connely, Anthony Cuggini, Steve Campbell, Asst. Coach Mark Jones, 
Donnie Macneil. 



Billy, "I hope you're saying 'Devils' on 3." 

Richardi getting set for target practice. 



Haven't I been here for 4 years already? Oh, Sheep, where is everybody? 

The wizard in action. 

Nice pass, Isk. 

Who am I? 


Brett Hull himself! 


It's a long skate to Florida State. 

■ M 

■ I 



■ ■ 



Too legit, too legit to quit. 

I hope you can't see the shiner Vasily gave me. 

Bottom Row: Mick Fonseca, Dan Roth, Mike Gass, Josh Ross, Ismael Christmas, Mark Healey, Andy Lamkin, John Healey, Mike McLoughlin, McArther Daley. First Row: 
Coach Garrett Powel, Corey Skolnick, James DeCourcey, Brian Carol, Mike Hazel, Tim Trull, Arafat Knights, Mike Schlosberg, Leland Elliot, Tom Goldman, Germain 
Daily, Scott Coven, Coach Richard Sullivan. Second Row: Mike Clapp, Steve Keefe, Billy Lo, Chris Kung, Kevin Donnelly, Pat Shannon, Marc Germain, Robert Charnitshy, 
Bill Burke, Dennis Rogers, Romeo Barbosa. Top Row: James Phillips, Eric Gotlieb, Abraham Gates, Doug Prag, Sean Spellman, Scott Stryer, Pat O'Mally, Brian Irwin. 

Mick about to lap his opponent again 

If you thought Dan or Dave could throw a Here comes John, or is it Mark, m 
shot put be it is John 

Ismael, Running like lightning 

I wonder if I will get to throw today? 

The Boy's Winter Track team has become the league champions for the 1991-92 season. Team work, enthusiasm, and the desire to excel has allowed each member on the 
team to help contribute to its exceptional season. There have been a dozen seniors who have been working together since freshman year. They have used their developed 
skills to help train the younger high school students along with a new pack of 7th and 8th graders who have decided to join the team this year. These victories, however, did 
not come easily. The dedication of Randolph's competitors paid off during their meet vs. Whitman-Hanson which was the deciding on who would become the league champs. 
Randolph was challenged by Whitman-Hanson, but we proved that we couldn't lose. During the final event, our relay team beat theirs, and we won by a mere six points. All in 
all, the experience has truly been as rewarding as the victories. 

"*" ~y*l* t ~ .'i ' i 'i v - '■ V " J T-^ i ' ' - * * "' ; J^tK^' — ~H 

itting: Coach Sullivan, Vicky Sullivan, Mattie Grant, Adria MacDonald, Tara McBratney, Kathy Watts, Coach Powell. 2nd Row: Marisa Leone, Madgine Lewis, Christine 
.oycroft, Christine Mugherini, Stephanie Mann, Wendy Chan, Leanne Bleiwas, Jennifer Stone, Megan Sullivan, Cheryl Hunter, Delores Hunter. Top Row: Lori Schwartz, 
:ssica Munroe, Kim Mullen, Allison McBratney, Susuan Fruzzetti, Colleen McGuire, Deborah Levy, Jennifer O'Donnell, Theresa Rozelle, Pavlorine Francios, Courleda 





These hurdles are too easy 

She's so atTRACKtive 

And she's off 

Just 5 seconds and I'll be done 

Saving the best for last 

I can fly 

The girl's track team has been growing steadily over the years. They were not league champs this year but their enthusiasm, cooperation, and determination allowed them 
3 Finish the season with many victories. A group of seventh and eighth graders have joined these runners and have filled in some gaps to create a team that is strong in every 

Loomis uses body language. 

Mr. Pulled Muscle hits a backhand. 

A rare Aaron spotting. 

Look at the rise on that kid. 

Unorthodox Boy to the rescue. 

The Little Man lines up a winner. 

The friendly Ghose follows through. 

Li'l Orky does it with his eyes closed. 

This year's Varsity Tennis Team had tremendous success. After seven straight years of sub-. 500 tennis, the team was finally able 
to turn the corner. The first eight players — Andrew Loomis, Amiel Orquiola, Steve Gladstone, Aaron Rothman, Scott King : 
Eric Gottleib, Brian Orquiola, and Steve Goldman — all contributed with clutch victories. The climax of the 10-7 season came al 
home against Duxbury, a team that hadn't lost in six years. Randolph's finest put a quick end to that streak with an overpowering 
3-2 victory. 



y m 

rjVtHq* (% $ 


■^a •• „ 

« l «o 

WnlfcZ. -nj-SIi 

Nice jump Joel! 

Randolph's relay team wins again. 



■B .j40 fjn»^| 




Watch out! . . . he's armed and dangerous. 

Say good-bye to The Super Sophomores. 

Is this the high jump or the long jump? 

A perfect hand-off! 

> ? 

j**- jC**»*~ - .71. • ■'-■ 

Good Luck Sue! 

You mean I have to run and do my field 

Meghan Sullivan the speedy one. 

Did you see him? 

I think I can ... I think I can. 

Three steps and a jump. 

Top Row: Coach Wells, Tom Goldman, Kevin Donnelly, Norm Wells — Batboy, Dan Morse, Mike Clapp. Bottom Row: Jon 
Blumenthal, Jeff Plizga, Shawn Clapp — Captain, Rich Fruzzetti — Captain, Bill Donahue, Chris Rideout. 

Which way to the party? 

Clappa at the plate. 

Golly gee, is it my turn already? 

I wonder if I will make it to third. 

No pressure guys — you lose, you'll die 

Coach, how should I score that? 

Is this a softball I see before me? 

Let me out, I want to play. 

Where's Jen Burke when you really 
need her? 

I • &/>-, 


Team Members 
Bottom Row: Amy Dziergowski, Tiffany Lee, Melissa Jacobs — Captain, 
Melanie Letzring — Captain, Stacy Baker — Captain. First Row: Jamie 
Cunningham, Katie Norton, Stacy Irwin, Marci Ufland, Dina Fiore. Top 
Row: Marie Shannon, Laurie Sanders, Taryn Hamlin, Coach Norm Tardiff. 

think I am going to sneeze. 




Amiel Orquila 

Michelle Valente 

Kevin Waite 


Diane Condlin 

Joe Roberts 




mm a*« 
a «■■ • 


Andrea Bornstein 

Mark Grundig 


Jennifer Darcy 

Joe Roberts 


Edita Outerika 

Bill Donahue 


Amel, the physics genius 

Raquel deep in thought. 


Mike, I hope it was as good for you as it was for them. 

The happy little study group. 

The kid definitely has good taste in shirts. 

Boy, am I happy to be here! 

Play that funky music. 

Long live Hershey Park! 

I didn't know that Mr. Powell was so funny. 

Too bad Syracuse and BC are so far apart. 



Oh no, I'm shining 

Holy Cross, here we come 

Little Joe Horner . . . stuck in his thumb 

I have no idea what this means 

v*-m ' I I 

Afro- American Club 

Bottom: Winnie Boussicat, Desta Frances, Yardley Meseroux. First: The- 
resa Donahue, Liza Goncalves, DeAnne Wells, Chandra Singh, Rachel 
Acacia, Karen Shirley, Lilian Lamour, Afrancie Reed, Nancy Verdier, 
Patrick Fleurancois. Second: Mattie Grant, Dolores Hunter, Fabiola San- 
tos, Takisha King, Miriam Laroure, Karen Khan, Brenda Morrira, Me- 
lissa Monteiro, Ed Mitchell. Third: Stephanie James, Manuela Fernandes, 
Tynika Dunn, Candita Martinez, Marie Sajous, Natalie Williams, Nadine 
Kerr. Top: Andrea McFarlane, Cynthia Germain, Abdul Kabba, Marc 
Germain, Damul Greaves, Charlita Brown, Ishmael Christmas, Delisha 
Lee, Mick Fonseca, Natasha Kerr, Tanna Appleberry, Tara Johnson. 

Afro-American Club (Seniors) 

Bottom: Manuela Fernandes, Fabiola Santos, Theresa Donahue, Mattie 
Grant, Karen Shirley, Nadine Kerr, Natalie Williams, Charlita Brown. 
Middle: Ed Mitchell, Andrea McFarlane, Stephanie James, Tynika Dunn, 
Marie Sajous, Ishmael Christmas, DeAnne Wells, Mick Fonseca. Top: 
Chris Rideout, Cynthia Germain. 



.^ ^ 

IB i 1 BVr ->^bQ ' 


BY^^M I Bar' ^ 





W i v 

Business Club 

Bottom: Julie O'Neil. Middle: Tracy Dimuzio. Top: Michele Valente, Lori 
Christopher, Mr. Kelly, Diane Condlin, Susan Zalis. 

Business Club (Seniors) 

Bottom: Julie O'Neil. Top: Michele Valente, Lori Christopher, Susan Zalis, 
Diane Condlin. 




Oracle Staff (Group) 

Bottom: Stephen Gladstone, Melissa Fox, Joshua Ross, Jeff Beck. 2nd: 
Tara McBratney, Karen Shirley, Heidi Wahl. 3rd: Michele Siegal, Heath- 
er Lemoine, Stephanie James, Jodi Bornstein, Stacy Baker, Emily Straus, 
Melanie Letzring, Laura Campbell. 4th: Jill Emerson, Emily Warner, 
Melissa Jacobs, Nicole Rabe, Natalie Williams, Edita Outerika, Jodi 
Gosule, Amy Dziergowski. Top: Mike Bettuchi, Joe Pokaski, Mike Mateo, 
Ed Mitchell, Joe Roberts, Jeff Wetzonis, Debbie Grayden, Mark Grundig. 

Oracle Staff 

Bottom: Nicole Rabe, Jodi Bornstein, Emily Straus, Heather Lemoine. 
Top: Jill Emerson, Debbie Grayden, Mark Grundig, Joe Roberts, Jeff 

Oracle Staff (Editors-in-Chief ) 

Melissa Fox, Stephen Gladstone. 

Oracle Staff 

Joshua Ross — Head of Photography, Jeff Beck — Assistant. 



Concert Band (group) 

Bottom: Robert Grant, Michael Shoenig, Tony Cugini, Sumana Banerjee, 
Stacy Baker, Andrew Wilkins, Sheri Bobulis, Judy Barra, Jason Ricardo, 
Jeff Levine. Top: David E. Berry, Rachel Boynton, Chris Blaney, Steven 
Goldman, Dan Anderson, Adam Szilva, Jeff Kaplan, Paul Barra. 

f 5 " "^f 

Concert Band (seniors) 

Sumana Banerjee, Steve Goldman, Stacy Baker. 

Concert Band (officers) 

Judy Barra — Treasurer, Stacy A. Baker — Secretary, Sumana Banerjee 
— Vice President, Steve Goldman — President. 

RAKUJI' il s l> 

Marching Band (group) 

Bottom: Erik Saganink, Jodi Cole, Heather Oksman, Angela Lin, Rachel 
Boynton, Sheri Bobulis, Jason Ricardo, Judy Barra, Tiara Hight, Dan 
Anderson, Steven Goldman. Middle: David E. Berry, Andrew Mushlin, 
David Ricardo, Tony Cugini, Sumana Banerjee, Jeff Levine, Larry 
Druker, Paul Barra. Top: Christine Vasta, Melissa Perry, Stacy Goldberg, 
Wendy Chan, Stephanie Mann, Sharon Doran, Amy Bernstein, Michelle 


■ ^m 

Jazz Band (group) 

Bottom: Tia Trull, Sheri Bobulis, Erik Saganink, Jodi Cole, Steven 
Goldman, Larry Druker, Jeff Levine, Robert Mullen, Sumana Banerjee, 
David Ricardo. Top: David E. Berry, Robert Grant, Christina Angeles, 
Michael Schwartz, Paul Barra, Jeff Nielson. 

Jazz Band (seniors) 

Bottom: David Ricardo. Middle: Michael Schwartz, Robert Mullen, 
Sumana Banerjee. Top: Steven Goldman. 

Show Choir (group) 

Bottom: Miss L. M. Sylvia, Melissa Perry, Amy Cole, Jason Ricardo, 
Angela Chiefe, Christina Angeles, Amy Warner, Allison Doyle, Ed 
Mitchell. Top: Stacy Goldberg, Melissa Brown, Michelle Oksman, Rachel 
Boynton, David Rosenthal, Jodi Blumenthal, Devra Lurie. 

Show Choir (seniors) 

Ed Mitchell, Amy Cole, Steven Goldman. 



Color Guard 

Bottom: Michael Bettuchi, Joseph Pokaski, David Ricardo, Emily Warner, 
Melissa Perry, Devra Lurie. Top: Christine Vasta, Agapi Apazidis, 
Anatoli Korasidis, Stacy Goldberg, Lori Schwartz, Michelle Oksman. 

Select Chorus 

Bottom: Takisha King, Tiara Hight, Jennifer Larkin, Melissa Brown, 
Stacy Goldberg, Allison Doyle, Christine Lout, Amy Warner, Angela 
Chiefe, Faith Silberberg, Lori Schwartz, Jodi Blumenthal, Christina 
Angeles, Melissa Perry, Miss L. M. Sylvia. Middle: Charlita Brown, Cheryl 
Hunter, Sonya Rodriques, Michelle Oksman, Rachel Boynton, Andrew 
Wilkins, Jason Hill, Chris Blaney, Rebecca Bogan, Devra Lurie, Jason 
Ricardo, Janet Cetrone, Christine Vasta, David Rosenthal. Top: Sarah 
Rumar, Michele Siegal, Anna Chin, Jill O'Connor, Tricia Mazzarella, 
Connie Alexander, Mattie Grant, Amy Cole, Adria MacDonald, Steven 
Goldman, Erika Bial, Chris Jacobson, Melissa Jacobs, Jennifer Tarpey. 

Select Chorus (seniors) 

Sarah Rumar, Michele Siegal, Tricia Mazzarella, Anna Chin, Jill 
O'Connor, Connie Alexander, Mattie Grant, Amy Cole, Adria Mac- 
Donald, Steven Goldman, Erika Bial, Chris Jacobson, Melissa Jacobs, 
Jennifer Tarpey. 

Select Chorus (officers) 

Melissa Brown, Mattie Grant, Stacy Goldberg, Amy Cole, Michele Siegal, 
Rachel Boynton, Christine Lout, Jason Hill. 



Drama Club (Group) 

Bottom: Heather Oksman, Jennifer Larkin, Wendy Chan, Rebecca Bogan, 
Gabrielle Doran, Hang Hoang, Maggie Previti, Suzanne Nasonofsky, 
Andrea O'Connell. Top: Amy Cole, Amel Ahmed, Nicole Williams, 
Sumana Banerjee, Emily Warner, David Ricardo, Michele Siegal, Erica 
Bial, Robert Mullen, Steve Goldman, Joseph Pokaski. 

,i'|MN9^ ^W^^g ^VpVS^^^^H° o ^^IhP^V^^^^I ^^i 1 ^^^^^g 

■ ^mh n^i if ii ^M 


■? £r -"" ■ sjjB^I 

U^^^ |» "■ 

Drama Club (Seniors) 

Bottom: Robert Mullen, David Ricardo, Steve Goldman, Joe Pokaski. To/?: 
Amy Cole, Nicole Williams, Emily Warner, Michele Siegal, Amel Ah- 
med, Erica Bial, Sumana Banerjee. 

Teen Forum (Group) 

Bottom: Lilian Lamour, Rachel Acacia, Melissa Monteiro, Chandra Singh, 
Dolores Hunter, Cynthia Germain, Manuela Fernandez, Liza Goncalves, 
Desta Frances, Winnie Boussicaut, Karen Khan, Nancy Verdier. Top: 
Delicia Lee, Marie Sajous, DeAnne Wells, Karen Shirley, Fabiola Santos, 
Andrea McFarlane, Tynika Dunn, Natasha Kerr, Nadine Kerr, Robert 
Mullen, Ed Mitchell, Kathleen Genty, Brenda Morira, Miriam Laroure, 
Yardley Meseroux. 


French Club (Group) 

Bottom: Michele Siegal, Melanie Ganem, Elaine Marks, Heidi Judge, Staci 
Goldberg, Ann Chan, Fabiola Santos, DeAnne Wells, Marc Bass, Andrew 
Mushlin. Middle: Jill Emerson, Jodi Slobodkin, Jennifer Larkin, San 
Trang, Angela Huynh, Tina Chin, Peter Chin, Byron Kwok, Emily 
Huynh, Jen Chin. Top: Brenda Chin, Melina Woo, Sum-Yun Girl, 
Suzanne Nasonofsky, Amy Nasonofsky, Heather Diaz, Richelle 
McDonald, Alan Kin, Ed Mitchell, Rachel Lat, Adam Cohn, Alisa Baksh, 
Bernadette Gordon, Marie Sajous, Nadine Seenath, Corlita Lewis. 

French Club (Seniors) 

Bottom: Jill Emerson, Melanie Ganem, Michele Siegal, Tina Chin. Top: 
Elaine Marks, Alan Kin, Marie Sajous, Fabiola Santos, Ed Mitchell, 
DeAnne Wells. 

French Club (Officers) 

Elaine Marks, Jill Emerson, Melanie Ganem, Heidi Judge. 


International Club (Group) 

Bottom: Michael Chen, Judy Moy, Anna Chen, Melissa Woo, Mrs. Sung 
(adviser), Gary Chow, Cindy Yum, Calvin Yum, Patrick Yum, Kenny 
Wong. Top: Andy Yip, Angela Huynh, Emily Huynh, Carol Mui, Grace 
Chan (President), Geoffrey Harrison Jr., Kevin Wu, Rick Mui, Henry 
Yee, Christina Chow (V. P.), Jennifer Ng, Irene Dang (Treasurer), Tricia 
Luong, Winnie Mui (Secretary), Melina Woo, So Wai Wong, Brenda 

Community Service (Group) 

Bottom: Amy Berryman, Heather Oksman, Michele Siegal, Grace Chan, 
Janet Perles, Erica Bial, Kim Wallace. First: Anna Chen, Tina Chin, 
Andrew Yee, Christian Chow, Karen Shirley, Stacey Goldberg, Tina 
Cincotti, Jennifer Ng, Maryanne Wong, Mr. McKee. Second: Carmen 
Choi, Keith Traverse, Melissa Fox, Jodi Bornstein, Gabrielle Doran, Tya 
Fernandes, Melissa Perry, Christine Vasta. Third: Billy Lo, Josh Siegal, 
Kathy Watts, Emily Warner, Michelle Yenof, Rachel Lat, Linda 
Minichiello, Nicole Rabe. Top: Debbie Grayden, Rob Mullen, Anna Chin, 
Melisa Jacobs, Janine Henry, Heidi Judge, Jill Emerson, Stephen Glad- 

Community Service (Seniors) 

Bottom: Kathy Watts, Melissa Fox, Tina Chin, Michele Siegal, Karen 
Shirley, Janet Perles, Erica Bial. Middle: Anna Chin, Rob Mullen, Jill 
Emerson, Debbie Grayden, Jodi Bornstein, Michelle Yenof, Maryanne 
Wong. Top: Emily Warner, Melisa Jacobs, Nicole Rabe, Stephen Glad- 

Computer Club (Group) 

Bottom: Fabiola Santos, Andrew Loomis, Steven Cohen. Top: Emily 
Huynh, Billy Lo, Ken Wang, Keith Doherty. 

Computer Club (Seniors) 

Mr. Edwards, Fabiola Santos, Steven Cohen, Andrew Loomis. 




Newspaper Club (Group) 

Bottom: Jill Emerson, Jodi Bornstein, Steven Cohen, Andrew Loomis. 
Top: Emily Huynh, Karen Shirley, Michele Siegal, Keith Doherty, Amiel 

Newspaper Club (Editors) 

uj\/yii/| Js Jill Emerson, Jodi Bornstein, Steven Cohen, Andrew Loomis. 


Math Team (Group) 

Bottom: Patrick Yum, Calvin Yum, Tiffany Lee, Erica Bial, Brett Rosen, 
David Ricardo. Top: So Wai Wong, Sharon Lo, Heather Oksman, Steph- 
anie Mann, Jeff Levine, Mr. T. Turner, Billy Lo, Jesse Leung, Grace 
Chan, Nancy Cheung, Judy Moy, Brenda Chin. 

Math Team (Seniors) 

Tiffany Lee, Patrick Yum, Calvin Yum, Brett Rosen, David Ricardo, 
Erica Bial. 



Peer Leadership (Group) 

Bottom: Mr. R. Sweeney, Michele Siegal, Lis Roos, Danielle Wushke, 
Michelle Makedon, Mr. Brendan Riordon. First: Tricia Mazzarella, Jessica 
Maibor, Irene Verge, Jen Wahler. Second: Andy Wilkins, Edita Outericka, 
Jill O'Donnell, Colleen McGuire, Wendy Stein. Top: Bill Mofford, Toby 
DeCouto, Heidi Judge, Elaine Marks, Janine Henry. Missing: Melissa Fox, 
Stephen Gladstone, Erica Nager, Rob Malaguti, Diane Condlin, Erica Bial, 
Melissa Perry, Hang Hoang, Nicole Rabe, Richelle Quashie, Kristen 

Peer Leadership (Seniors) 

Bottom: Mr. Richard Sweeney, Michele Siegal, Jen Wahler, Irene Verge, Mr. 
Brendan Riordon. Top: Tricia Mazzarella, Edita Outericka, Bill Mofford, 
Tony DeCouto, Elaine Marks. Missing: Stephen Gladstone, Melissa Fox, 
Diane Condlin, Erica Bial, Nicole Rabe. 

S.A.D.D. (Group) 

Bottom: Janet Perles, Jen Wahler, Irene Verge, Michele Siegal, Diane 
Condlin, Marci Ufland. Middle: Mr. Brendan Riordon, Jen Larkin, Alison 
Menovich, Meredith Ainbinder. Top: Heidi Judge, Rachel Sherman, Heidi 
Gosule, Andrea Perlin. 

S.A.D.D. (Officers) 
\ttom: Jen Wahler, Michele Siegal, Diane Condlin, Marci Ufland. Top: Mr. 
jordon, Heidi Gosule, Irene Verge, Meredith Ainbinder. 

S.A.D.D. (Seniors) 
Bottom: Janet Perles, Jen Wahler, Michele Siegal, Irene Verge. Top: Adria 
MacDonald, Mr. Riordon, Diane Condlin, Marci Ufland. _ 

l iy 


Students For Racial Harmony 


Bottom: Brenda Morira, David Ricardo, Erica Bial, Michele Siegal, Kristen 
Topham, Tiara Height, Dolores Hunter, Chris Rideout, Kevin Richardi, 
Natalie Williams, Karen Shirley. Middle: Rachel Acacia, Chris LaFratta, 
Janet Perles, Connie Alexander, Fabiola Santos, Raquel Barbosa, Alex 
Barbosa, Mick Fonseca, Joel Connor, Mattie Grant, Tom Spiro, Anna 
Chan, Tina Tsang, Jennifer O'Day, Anne Chan, Agapi Korazidis, Car- 
oline Finnell, Tabatha Falcioni, Sonya Rodrigues, Jodi Slobodkin. Top: 
Rachel Lat, Suzanne Nasonofsky, DeAnne Wells, Marie Sajous, Sumana 
Banerjee, Steve Goldman, Manuela Fernandez, Jorge Barbosa, Cynthia 
Germain, Charlita Brown, Mark Germain, Ed Mitchell, Amanda Doerr, 
Jennifer Chin, Lilian Lamour, Chandra Singh, Susan Veiga. 

Students For Racial Harmony 

Bottom: Janet Perles, Erica Bial, Sumana Banerjee, Steve Goldman, Mi- 
chele Siegal, Chris Rideout, Kevin Richardi, Natalie Williams, Karen 
Shirley. Top: DeAnne Wells, David Ricardo, Connie Alexander, Fabiola 
Santos, Marie Sajous, Raquel Barbosa, Chris LaFratta, Mick Fonseca, 
Joel Connor, Ed Mitchell. 

Academic Bowl (Group) 

Bottom: Brett Rosen, Tiffany Lee, Stephen Gladstone, David Ricardo, 
Michael Gass. Top: Grace Chan, Chris Tompkins, Leo Kin, Danielle 


Academic Bowl (Seniors) 

Brett Rosen, Tiffany Lee, Stephen Gladstone, David Ricardo, Michael 


National Honor Society (Group) 

Bottom: Susan Fruzzetti, Emily Kachinsky, Hang Hoang, Grace Chan, Jodi 
Slobodkin, Heidi Judge, Anne Marie Robinson, Heather Oksman. First: 
Emily Warner, Sumana Banerjee, Emily Straus, Amy Dziergowski, David 
Ricardo, Tina Chin, Amel Ahmed, Jill Emerson, Leo Kin, Brian Maccini, 
Thomas Goldman, Amy Nasonofsky. Second: Robyn Perlin, Elaine 
Marks, Loretta Shing, Melanie Letzring, Melissa Fox, Tiffany Lee, Stacy 
A. Baker, Nicole Williams, Amy Cole. Third: Michael Bettuchi, Joseph 
Pokaski, Daniel Roth, Michael Mateo, John Healey, Alan Kin, Mark 
Grundig, Bill Donahue. Top: Mark Healey, Angelo Syrniotis, Joel Con- 
nor, Stephen Gladstone, Jonathan Poet, P.J. Russo, Steven Cohen, Brett 
Rosen, Jennifer Violante, Stephanie Mann, Bill Lo, Rebecca Bogan. 

National Honor Society 

Bottom: Emily Warner, Sumana Banerjee, Emily Straus, Amy Dziergow- 
ski, David Ricardo, Tina Chin, Amel Ahmed, Jill Emerson. First: Robyn 
Perlin, Elaine Marks, Loretta Shing, Melanie Letzring, Melissa Fox, 
Tiffany Lee, Stacy A. Baker, Nicole Williams, Amy Cole. Second: Michael 
Bettuchi, Joseph Pokaski, Daniel Roth, Michael Mateo, John Healey, 
Alan Kin, Steven Cohen. Top: Mark Healey, Angelo Syrniotis, Joel Connor, 
Stephen Gladstone, Jonathan Poet, Brett Rosen. 

Public Relations (Group) 

Bottom: Kevin Richardi, Jennifer Chin, Amanda Doerr, David Levine. 
Top: Diane Condlin, Tammy Levy, Melissa Duffy, Lori Christopher, Jill 
Fineman, Tracy Dimuzio, Mr. Kelly. 

Public Relations (Seniors) 

Bottom: Kevin Richardi, Lori Christopher. Top: Diane Condlin, Tammy 
Levy, Melissa Duffy, Jill Fineman. 



Library Media Aides (Group) 

Bottom: Mrs. Mushlin, Ben Weiss, Ryan McGrath, Brian Wahlgren, Marc 
Bass, Andrew Mushlin, Carmen Choi, Mrs. Truczinskas. Middle: Winnie 
Mui, Kristeen Laut, Chona Chaneco, Adria McDonald, Ed Mitchell, 
Gloria Jar, Shira Marili, Irene Dang, Christina Chow, Tricia Luong. Top: 
Jennifer Ng, Keisa Goodloe, Tya Fernandes, Afransi Reid, Amy Izzo, 
Scott Applebaum, Alisa Baksh, Megdine Louis, Sharon Lo, Kathy King, 
Mona Joe, Ann Chan, Jazzy Tannish. 

School Store 

Bottom: Colleen McGuire, Tina Chin, Brenda Chin, Tiffany Lee. Top: Mr. 
Christopher, Jesse Leung. 

k_ .. mu& 

Amnesty International (Group) 

Bottom: Bernadette Gordon, Kelly McMennion, Andrea O'Connell. Top: 
Erica Bial, Janet Perles, Robyn Perlin, Christina Cincotti, Amy Ber- 
ryman, Jodi Slobodkin, Michele Siegal, Heather Oksman. 

Amnesty International 

Erica Bial, Janet Perles, Robyn Perlin, Michele Siegal. 


Student Council (Group) 

Bottom: Melanie Letzring, Susan Fruzzetti, Danielle Wushke, Beth Mc- 
Bratney, John Healey, Nicole Williams, Amy Dziergowski. 2nd: Janet 
Perles, Emily Warner, Michele Siegal, Kristen Topham, Emily Kachin- 
sky, Karen Planeta, Angela Shing, Agapi Apazidis, San Troung, Daniel 
Clapp, Jill Pokaski, Brian Orquiola. 3rd: Wendy Stein, Brian Maccini, 
Joseph Cohen, Colleen Maguire, Rebecca Cohen, Jill O'Donnell, Amel 
Ahmed, Meghan Sullivan, Christine Mugherini, Leanne Bleiwas, Anatoli 
Korosidis, Jason Kravetz. 4th: Debbie Levy, Jennifer Stone, Stacy Baker, 
Melissa Fox, Loretta Shing, Jen Darcy, Andrea Bornstein, Wendy Chan. 
5th: Dan Tong, Mike Bettuchi, Joe Pokaski, Natalie Williams, Laura 
Campbell, Tara McBratney, Stephanie Mann, Amy Cole. Top: Mike 
Clapp, Scott Robson, Joel Connor, Mark Healey, Jorge Barbosa, Andrew 
Wilkins, James Decourcy, Brian Sullivan, Tom Goldman, Mark Germain, 
Nick Apazidis, Leo Kin, Mr. Garrett Powell. 

Student Council (Seniors) 

Bottom: Michele Siegal, Janet Perles, Melanie Letzring, John Healey. 2nd: 
Emily Warner, Amy Dziergowski, Stacy Baker, Melissa Fox, Loretta 
Shing, Jenn Darcy, Andrea Bornstein, Amel Ahmed. 3rd: Mike Bettuchi, 
Joe Pokaski, Natalie Williams, Laura Campbell, Tara McBratney, Amy 
Cole. Top: Joel Connor, Mark Healey, Nicole Williams. 

Student Council (Officers) 

Amy Dziergowski — Senior Executive Board, Nicole Williams — Treas- 
urer, Beth McBratney — Corresponding Secretary, John Healey — 
Recording Secretary, Susan Fruzzetti — Vice President, Danielle 
Wushke — Vice President, Melanie Letzring — President. 





My Turn (Group) 

Bottom: Julie Rappaport, David Rosenthal, Kathy Watts, Delores Hunter, 
Theresa Hunter, Mattie Grant, Liza Goncalves. Top: Miss Golden, Jen 
Tarpey, Stephanie James, Manuela Fernandez, Dirk Brown, Ed Mitchell, 
Mick Fonseca, Jessel Herbert, Patrick Fleurancois, Teisha Williams, 
Karen Shirley. 

My Turn (Seniors) 

Bottom: Jen Tarpey, Kathy Watts, Teisha Williams, Theresa Donahue, 
Mattie Grant, Karen Shirley. Top: Miss Golden, Stephanie James, Ed 
Mitchell, Mick Fonseca, Jessel Herbert. 

My Turn (Leadership Council) 

Bottom: Liza Goncalves, Kathy Watts, Teisha Williams, Theresa 
Donahue, Mattie Grant, Manuela Fernandez. Top: Miss Golden, Patrick 
Fleurancois, Ed Mitchell, Mick Fonseca, Jessel Herbert. 


Bottom: Joel Neiditz, Rachel Lat, Allyson Doyle, Amy Berryman. Top: Tina 
Cincotti, Suzanne Nasonofsky, Amy Warner, Rosalyn Lemieux, Lori 

Environmental Club (Group) 


Environmental Club (Co-Presidents) 
Bottom: Allyson Doyle, Lori Schwartz. Top: 
Amy Warner, Rosalyn Lemieux. 

Tutors (Group) 

Bottom: Gloria Jar, Andrea Perlin, Katie Rottler, Alison Menovich, Lyssa 
Jacobs, Meredith Ainbinder, Michele Siegal, Erica Bial, Emily Straus. Top: 
Ann Chan, Chris Tompkins, Grace Chan, Amy Nasonofsky, Leo Kin, Mark 
Bronski, Stephen Gladstone, Mike Gass, Mark Healey, Jill Emerson, Stacy 
Baker, Melanie Letzring, Danielle Wuschke, Melissa Fox, Jodi Leslie. 

Tutors (Seniors) 

Bottom: Mike Gass, Michele Siegal, Erica Bial, Emily Straus. Top: Melissa Fox, 
Jill Emerson, Mark Bronski, Mark Healey, Stephen Gladstone, Melanie 
Letzring, Stacy 7 Baker. 

Political Action Club/Harvard 
Model Congress (Group) 

Bottom: Matt Cole, Chris Tompkins, Michele Siegal, David Ricardo, Tiffany- 
Lee, Christina Cincotti. Middle: Erica Bial, Loretta Shing, Amel Ahmed, 
Amy Berryman, Danielle Wuschke. Top: Robert Mullen, Elaine Marks, Leo 
Kin. Amanda Doerr. 

Political Action Club/Harvard 
Model Congress (Seniors) 

Bottom: Michele Siegal, Loretta Shing, David Ricardo, Tiffany Lee. Top: 
Erica Bial, Amel Ahmed, Rob Mullen, Elaine Marks. 




Harvard Model 
Congress 1992 



Amy O'Donnell 

Audra Portnoy 

Jamie Metherall 

Shira McCormack 

Samantha Yorra 


Z " 

Kim Micele 

Stacy Baker 

Kris Jacobson 



Robyn Perlin 


Senior Award Winners 
Bottom Row: Robert Mullen, Robyn Perlin, Tifikny Lee, Janet Perles, Brett Rosen. Middle Row: Vinh-Minh Ton, Jennifer Sell, Domj 
Huddleston, Grady McClinton. Top Rom: Nicole Rabe, Pat Yum, Adria MacOonald, Jill Emerson, Alan Kin, Fabiola Santos, Erika Nag< 
Amy O'Donnell. 

Randy Awards Committee 
Ms. Ward, Mr. Berry, Mr. VeUante, Mr. Farrar 

Evan is honored. 

George delivers the winning name 


1 I JP 



k r j| 




^^^Bfc -^ 




4 L fvJT^ 1 

1 ' &. - 

The award winners look on. 



The idea for Randy was born on a March night in 1955 
while Mr. Alvin White, a Social Studies teacher at Randolph 
High School, was watching the Academy Awards. Enthralled 
with the idea of an industry which rewarded its own members 
for achievement in specified areas, he wondered if that same 
concept could be transferred to the world of education where- 
by teachers would publicly recognize students for their efforts 
and achievements. 

He created a program which followed the Academy Award 
format with the names of the nominees and the eventual 
winners a closely guarded secret until they were announced 
from the stage. 

The first awards were certificates. Then Mr. Samuel Polio, 
an Art and Drafting teacher at Randolph High School, con- 
ceived; the idea of creating a statuette, resembling the Oscar, 
for the awards. This ceramic statuette was designed by Mrs. 
Baldwin, one of Mr. Polio's talented art students, Miss Loretta 
fackson, and, thus Randy was born. 

Through the years, the statuette has undergone several 
name changes, becoming known first as Randy, then Dolph, 
then the A A Award. In 1990's, we are proud to return to the 
statuette, his original name Randy! 


Adria is elated. 

Brett takes yet another math award. 

ngratulations to Jill on a job well 

Amy is happy to be rewarded. 

Erika grabs her award. 



I never won anything before. 


alright, Joe, you can give me the money Hey, is that Enrico Palazzo singing with Ms. Hun- 

You can let go of the award now. 

The band honors us with their music. 

The crowd goes wild! 




Senior Awards Day acknowledges excellence in academics and 
school service. The day is made more memorable because of the 
slide show. The slide show is a video flashback of our Senior Year 
at R.H.S. 

Steve, what instrument do you play again? 

Our guest speaker, Bob 



Each year, local community groups and groups within the high school 
reward outstanding students with scholarships to help curb the rising ex- 
penses of a post-secondary education. One night during the year is set aside 
so that these scholarship winners can be rewarded with their parents, teach- 
ers, and friends present. 

Dr. O'Brien points to the stars. 

Brett is rewarded by the Wrestling Boosters. 

John collects one of his many rewards. 

Laura happily receives her award 

Loretta, are you giving or receiving this one? 

Dr. Huttunen congratulates Joel 

Are you sure this is mine? 


Hey, Doc, wake up. 


Do I have to play football in college because I won 
this award? 

Would you care to dance? 



Who would think it takes four NHS members just to Kgh 
these candles? 

This is just like physics class . . . Now, what can I burn? 

The audience listens enthusiastically. 

Time to take the pledge. 





Mr. Linehan welcomes the new members 

NHS Officers 
Mark Healey, Co- Vice-President — Amel Ahmed, Co-Vice- 
Robyn Perlin, Treasurer — - Joel Connor, Secretary — Elaine 

Where was I? 





This year, as in past years, the P.T.S.O. sponsored a picnic and barbeque for the senior class 
on the date of graduation practice. As usual, the food was excellent and the variety of activities 
kept us busy for hours. It was one of the most special days for the seniors. 

Why is everybody so serious? 

This would make a really good beach. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Six of the happiest females 

Prom date picnic 

Gee, Gass eating? Never. 





j m p 

Should I get something to eat? 

Strike Three! 


Would you mind getting me a hot dog? 


If Josh is in the picture, who took the picture? 

Nancy, how lovely you lookl 

I never knew Tina could have so much fun. 

■flP * 




* ^m 

Tommy: The Stud 

Where are your instruments? 

^^B Heps 

jHlfii^ ^B 






s y/§\i\i\ , 



What a cute couple. 

Edita, is the seat next to you broken? 


Ma, can I please stay out past 1:00? 

The Three Musketeers 


If Evan's in the picture, who took the picture? 

As usual, Joe's having a blast. 

Bita, don't worry, Amy won't bite. 

Don't they look lovely? 

G. E. Smith and the Saturday Night Live Band 

Get a little closer. 


Posing Pretty 

Donna, I don't think he's ready for a 

Help, where's my date? 



It was a beautiful day. Everyone was anxious. It was the day of our Senior Prom. Nobody could 
believe it was finally here. All of the preparation, picking out a dress, choosing a tux, ordering the 
flowers, was worth it. That night at Lombardo's was a special one. Everybody had a great time dancing 
and socializing. It just seems so sad that it is all over. It definitely went by too quickly! 


bright smiles. 










Adios, Alex 

"I can wear this dress to the wed 


Oh My God, I lost my slipper. 



mmmmm ^h^^b 


And the winner is . . . the Marlboro girl. 

Jeremy, I'm going to miss you so much! 

Joe, where does the tassel go on? 

Tu g-O-War-ner 

Congratulations, graduates. 

92 — going out in style 

The B-52's went to our school? 








P.O. BOX 788 


FAX 963-9112 963-3670 
OFFICE 963-0676 
STORE 963-0324 

ROUTE 139 


General Manager 





TELEPHONE (617) 986-4683 

OF 92 



1048 N. Main St. 


Good Luck 
Class of '92 



■■ LHa^L^HM 

Serving New England 
for Three Generations. 




HA ARK E rS •/ 

220 Border St., East Boston 

Since 1927 
East Boston & Winthrop 

Conference & Function Facilities 

East Boston & Randolph 

C W T C L U 




P.O. BOX 788 

RANDOLPH, MA 02368-0788 


Best Wishes to the 
Class of 1992. 


Wedding and Video Coverage 


Diamonds and Custom Designing Specialists 





23 Memorial Parkway 

Randolph. MA 02368 

IRandolph Shopping Center) 


congratulations class of 92 




1965-1992 963-9570 

Same Day Plate Service 

(1 hr. if necessary) 


Best Wishes 








TEL. 986-7400 



American Oplometr* 



64 North Main Street 


Phone 963-3800 

Diamonds and Custom Designing Specialists 






G.I.A. - D.G.C. 

23 Memorial Parkway 

Randolph, MA 02368 

(Randolph Shopping Center) 

(617) 963-3630 








517 N. MAIN ST., RANDOLPH, MA (617)961-2626 


o. 963-2333 

Brady. R.O. t^TS^f\ ''' 

rl Christiansen, R.O XJZ-lQ^xZ^ No 

Steven M Peldman, R 



from 8:30 AM MON" 

Inrlititinp Pvcnlnf HimM 


Located 25 Yrs. at 
Randolph Plara 
i I 57 North Main Street 
Randolph, MA 










Compliments of 

The Cartwright Family 

Serving South Shore Families for 5 Generations 

845 Washington St. 

69 So. Franklin St. 

419 No. Main St. 


Our Hours Tuesday-Saturday 

10:00 am-5:00pm 

Evenings by Appointment 

Towne & Country Florist 

noi north main Street 






1 138 N. Main St., Randolph, MA 02368 

Total Hair Care 

Tel.: 961-1886 

Complete Auto & Truck Repairs 

Foreign & Domestic 

Road Service 

733R So. Main Street 

Peter Green 
Jerry O'Neil 

Randolph, MA 02368 
At Rear of Sunoco Station 


V M». 


28 So. Main St. 
Randolph, Ma. 02368 

Off To College Packaging 
and Shipping 





I N U T E 
H O T O 

61 7-961 1 700 


MA 2 3 6 8 


JCPenney Catalog 

Where Fashion 

Comes to Life 

71 Memorial Pkwy. 

Randolph, MA 


pet shop & aquarium 



1 S Warren Sraet 
R»rtdr>pfv MA 02368 

Stu & Joan Forman 






Randolph Insurance Agency. Inc. 



P O BOX 1 3 7 

TEL (61 7) 963 3303 
FAX (61 7) 961 -41 24 

Homemade Ice Cream 

| S5£e Crea^ er >- : 









on a job y 

well done. 

Todd A Sandler, lnc7 

536 N. Main St. 

Randolph (617) 961-1185 



Joseph J. Semensi, Chairman 

Paul J. Connors, V. Chm. & Clerk 

N. Joseph Previti 

William H. Kaidel 




Left, left, left, right, left. 

Follow me, I know where I am going. 

Dave — the Renaissance Man 

Be Careful, Anna, Don't trip. 

Sumana, Move your tassel oter. 

I pledge allegiance . 

And now a few words from the President. 

A word from our Valedictorian 


Our hard-working class officers. 



June 4, 1992 marked the end of our high school career — but the beginning of the rest of our 
lives. Graduation day was filled with mixed emotions. We were happy to graduate but sad to say 

We were excited for the future but afraid for the unknown. All in all, however, our graduation 
was perfect. The class of 1 992 definitely went out in style. 

Sit down Steve! 

Smile for the camera. 


Can I open my eyes now? 



I believe in it because it has not yet come. And I am 
young, and youth always believes that tomorrow will be 
better than today. I believe that I will do tomorrow 
what I failed to do today, and be then what I have not 
yet been. 

I trust the future. Youth is always glorious because it 
trusts the future. Youth will attempt the impossible, 
scale the mountain that is supposed to be inaccessible, 
and dare the thing that age will fear. "We specialize in 
the wholly impossible, doing the thing that no one else 
could do." 

I believe in tomorrow because it is unspoiled. I have 
not, nor has anyone, yet written on it with the grimy 
finger of folly or selfishness or sin. No wars have been 
fought in Tomorrow. No lie has been told, or dishonest 
deed done, in Tomorrow. No man has treacherously 
failed a friend in Tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is one clean, beautiful day, the day on 
which dreams come true, on which the impossible 
things will yet be done, on which I shall have the nerve 
and the will to be and to do that which was too much for 
me in the grim battle of Today. 

See yai 

Nicole, there's something on you 





s :